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Jimmy Smith is an awesome guy however he can’t keep his money in his pocket, nor can he stop making promises left and…

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Genre: Drama, Music, Romance.

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  • Summary:   Jimmy Smith is an awesome guy however he can't keep his money in his pocket, nor can he stop making promises left and right. His wife is suspicious about his activities, his niece is trying to make an acting career using his connections... His entire world is going haywire but maybe everything will eventually work itself out...
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Drama, Music, Romance
  • Directed by:   Herbert Wilcox
No, No, Nanette (1940) No, No, Nanette
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"No, No, Nanette" (1940) Cast:

  • Anna Neagle - Nanette
  • Richard Carlson - Tom Gillespie
  • Victor Mature - William Trainor
  • Roland Young - Jimmy Smith
  • Helen Broderick - Mrs. Susan Smith
  • ZaSu Pitts - Pauline Hastings
  • Eve Arden - Kitty
  • Billy Gilbert - Styles
  • Tamara - Sonya
  • Stuart Robertson - Stillwater Jr. / Stillwater Sr.
  • Dorothea Kent - Betty
  • Aubrey Mather - Remington
  • Mary Gordon - Gertrude
  • Russell Hicks - Hutchinson


  1. This comedy was not for me. Had some actors who became great stars though.

  2. one of a good bunch however it seemed more exciting when i was younger and a person named bill collins aired classics every week

  3. I enjoyed “No, No, Nannette” so much. Great actors, cute story line, & wonderful music as well.
    I highly recommend this movie.

  4. “No,No,Nanette” is a delightful movie about a young lady trying to keep her uncle out of trouble. There is romance in the air for Nanette, while she’s keeping her uncle in line. Such terrific scenes & music,too, along the way. You’ll enjoy finding out who Nanette ends up with and if her uncle & aunt are able to keep their marriage together.

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