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An orphan girl, Laurie, finds shelter in the Limberlost from her mean aunt, Nora. There she secretly meets her friend Wayne with whom she’s deeply…

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Genre: Drama, Romance.

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  • Summary:   An orphan girl, Laurie, finds shelter in the Limberlost from her mean aunt, Nora. There she secretly meets her friend Wayne with whom she's deeply in love. One day Nora receives a lucrative offer from a wealthy gentleman who wants to marry her niece. Unless a miracle happens, Laurie will spend the rest of her life with a person she cannot stand so that her aunt can become rich...
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Drama, Romance
  • Directed by:   William Nigh
Romance of the Limberlost (1938) Romance of the Limberlost
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"Romance of the Limberlost" (1938) Cast:

  • Jean Parker - Laurie
  • Eric Linden - Wayne
  • Marjorie Main - Nora
  • Edward Pawley - Corson
  • Betty Blythe - Mrs. Parker
  • Sarah Padden - Sarah
  • George Cleveland - Nathan
  • Hollis Jewell - Chris
  • Guy Usher - Judge
  • Jean O'Neill - Ruth
  • Budd Buster - Fair Barker
  • William Gould - Lawyer
  • Harry Harvey - Jones
  • Jack Kennedy - Abner


  1. I liked the movie even though it was not a first rate movie.

  2. I enjoyed the movie very much. Thank you for taking the time to put these on the web. You’re the best!!!!


  3. “Romance of the Limberlost” is an enjoyable, entertaining, dreamy, suspenseful movie done the way that they did movies in 1938. I did not know what the heck ‘Limberlost’ was, little did I know what it meant. ‘Limberlost’ is a natural swampy marshy area in N. Eastern Indiana about 13,000 acres in size back then. The movie story is about a romance in that area. Similar to the people in the Yearling or Shepard of the Hills. Got a kick out of the city folk vs swamp folk attitudes of America but that is for real. (I do believe that was an electric auto that the city lady drove ‘it had a tiller for the steering wheel’ I believe the movie producer added a gas engine sound ). City folk had wealth (a car and electricity) Swamp folk owned no luxuries. The story was set in the times of 1905 when there were a lot of electric cars in USA.
    And so is this movie which was based on a book written by a lady author who eventually moved into the territory of ‘Limber Lost’, built a house and wrote other book-stories about life and the folks there. It’s a story.
    Dale W.

  4. I enjoyed this movie. Sometimes it is enjoyable to view an uncomplicated story that is more like a small treat than a heavy, edgy movie. I can always find something that i enjoy on this site.

  5. Ah! What a wonderful movie , complete with a happy ending , sweet !

  6. I just absolutely love this movie

  7. This film made me ask questions about the actual sources of feelings. I like this site. It brings back what is in danger of disappearing.

  8. Great movie. (But I was actually looking for “Girl of the Limberlost.” I was confused about the ending…what was the aunt saying about the lies she told about Laurie’s parents? Thought maybe the aunt was the real mom? Or maybe the mom and dad both died in the swamp? (Sound was a bit garbled.)

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