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Clare is a typical city girl, who is just beginning to learn about love. Her parents don’t think the city is the right…

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Genre: Comedy.

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  • Summary:   Clare is a typical city girl, who is just beginning to learn about love. Her parents don't think the city is the right place for that and decide that she should spend the summer with her uncle. He lives in a small town where civilization has a whole new meaning to Claire. Will Claire adjust to country life or will country life have to adjust to Claire?
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Comedy
  • Directed by:   Howard M. Railsback
Uncle Joe (1941) Uncle Joe
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"Uncle Joe" (1941) Cast:

  • Slim Summerville - Uncle Joe
  • Zasu Pitts - Aunt Julia
  • Gale Storm - Clare
  • William B. Davidson - J. K. Day
  • Dorothy Peterson - Margaret Day
  • Dick Hogan - Bill
  • Frank Coghlan Jr. - Dick
  • Jimmy Butler - Bob
  • Maynard Holmes - Skinny
  • Brenda Henderson - Ann
  • John Holland - Paul Darcey


  1. Delightful comedy with lots of inventions, musically and what appliances from Uncle Joe.

  2. What fun!

  3. thank you for all these classic movies
    they bring back lot great memories

  4. A lovely film.I wish it would last more.I felt sorry when it finshed.Simple and beautiful.

  5. Wonderful movie! Thank you for providing these free and so easy to access. Very impressed with this compant

  6. great galloping ghosts, Just what I needed.A simple movie to calm a busy morning down. thanks

  7. nice little movie mine was uncle joe thanks and soon i am going to download some for myself agen thanks

  8. You’ve got to love uncle Joe’s inventions and I liked the cast.cute little movie thanks.

  9. What blk & white comedy has as a character Mr Jordan?

  10. Christopher Myers

    No big surprises here. It’s just a happy movie and I enjoyed it. Gale Storm. Somehow I’d forgotten all about her and the very popular songs she sang in the 1950s. A rendition of “I hear You Knocking” she sang live on TV in 1955 was, well, pretty sexy for the time. She was quite a gal; very beautiful and very gifted. Thanks for bringing her back into an old man’s life.

  11. Very wholesome movie.

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