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George Jones is a barely sane man who believes his wife, Ellen, and his doctor are lovers and are planning to kill him. He…

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Genre: Drama.

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  • Summary:   George Jones is a barely sane man who believes his wife, Ellen, and his doctor are lovers and are planning to kill him. He decides the best way to go is to send a letter to his lawyer detailing his fears. He then threatens his wife with a gun and tells her about the letter, however before they get to talk and straighten things out...
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Drama
  • Directed by:   Tay Garnett
Cause for Alarm! (1951) Cause for Alarm!
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"Cause for Alarm!" (1951) Cast:

  • Loretta Young - Ellen Jones
  • Barry Sullivan - George Z. Jones
  • Bruce Cowling - Dr. Ranney Grahame
  • Margalo Gillmore - aunt Clara Edwards
  • Bradley Mora - Hoppy
  • Irving Bacon - Joe Carston
  • Georgia Backus - Mrs. Warren
  • Don Haggerty - Mr. Russell


  1. Subtitles em Portuguesa Brazil?

  2. Wonderful Thriller. Loretta Young carried the tension/suspense building up from the doting caregiver wife, who had to endure the heartbreaking actions/words of her sick-mentally distraught husband, right to the final scenes. What a fine actress.
    A glimpse into the World of the 40’s (a few years after WWII) and home life without TV, air-conditioning, doctors making house calls, neighbors, children playing, stick shift autos, etc.
    Highly recommend this movie. No violence either.

  3. I love this movie, it’s as if you are
    Experiencing Loretta Young’s character’s
    Anguish. Love the time set and setting.
    Very suspenseful!

  4. This was SO gooood! They don’t make movies like this anymore, that’s why I love the classics. I’m so glad I found this site, thanx for sharing!

  5. Loved it. Especially the irony at the end. Great watch.

  6. oh the wonderful tension.splendid. its a privilege to be able to watch something like this.
    from before my parents were born.its a journey to the past,another place. magical.
    and I thought I’d need a magic carpet.
    thank you, BNW.

  7. Amazing movie!!!

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