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Also known as “Love’s Struggle Throughout the Ages”, this movie is a classic considered to be one of the greatest films of the…

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Genre: Drama.

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  • Summary:   Also known as "Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages", this movie is a classic considered to be one of the greatest films of the silent era. It tell the story of The Boy and The Dear One who get married and look forward to a happy life together. The Boy had a troubled past and wishes to start a new life with his wife, however the underworld isn't ready to let him go...
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Drama
  • Directed by:   D. W. Griffith
Intolerance (1916) Intolerance
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"Intolerance" (1916) Cast:

  • Robert Harron - The Boy
  • Mae Marsh - The Dear One
  • Fred Turner - The Dear One's father
  • Lillian Gish - Eternal Motherhood
  • Vera Lewis - Mary T. Jenkins
  • Josephine Crowell - Catherine de Medici
  • Joseph Henabery - Admiral Coligny
  • Constance Talmadge - Marguerite of Valois
  • W. E. Lawrence - Henry of Navarre
  • Margery Wilson - Brown Eyes
  • Eugene Pallette - Prosper Latour
  • Sam de Grasse - Mr. Jenkins
  • Constance Talmadge - The Mountain Girl
  • Elmer Clifton - The Rhapsode
  • Tully Marshall - High Priest of Bel-Marduk

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