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The HMS Torrin is a British war ship which destroys German transport ships. The Torrin is victorious until it’s finally found by German…

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Genre: British, Drama, War.

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  • Summary:   The HMS Torrin is a British war ship which destroys German transport ships. The Torrin is victorious until it's finally found by German bombers. The rest of the story is told in flashbacks by the few survivors who managed to reach a lifeboat.
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   British, Drama, War
  • Directed by:   Noël Coward
In Which We Serve (1942) In Which We Serve
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"In Which We Serve" (1942) Cast:

  • Noël Coward - Captain E.V. Kinross
  • Bernard Miles - Chief Petty Officer Walter Hardy
  • John Mills - Shorty Blake
  • Celia Johnson - Alix Kinross
  • Michael Wilding - Flags
  • Leslie Dwyer - Parkinson
  • James Donald - Doc
  • Philip Friend - Torps
  • Richard Attenborough - Young Stoker
  • Joyce Carey - Kath Hardy
  • Kay Walsh - Freda Lewis
  • Kathleen Harrison - Mrs. Blake
  • Daniel Massey - Bobby Kinross
  • Juliet Mills - Shorty Blake's baby


  1. Very Best Of War Films

    Thank You.

  2. A pleasure to watch again .

    thank you.

  3. A remarkable film that I watch over and over. The younger generation should see this film and learn what it was really like. God bless all those that gave their lives for us in the UK.

  4. What can I say tears drama laughter. Fabulous,John mills noel coward an excellent reminder of how we won the war! Rule britannia


  6. One of the best films ever made. Written and acted by the great Noel Coward.the film has a great cast.

  7. A brilliantly woven story with plenty. Of characters you care about and so well acted by all.a must see thanks!!!

  8. Brilliantly woven story with fine acting by all a must see thank you

  9. I have watched this movie a dozen times , and it always makes me feel so patriotic, God bless the Queen and Great Britain ?

  10. I’m 96 and was skipper of a landing craft at Normandy on D day. As an American in England at that time i’ll never forget the courage of the people ashore and those at sea. A great movie with a story telling it as it was.

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