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Priam Farrel’s paintings are famous throughout England but his appearance is unknown to most, even his close relatives. When his servant dies, Priam…

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Genre: Comedy, Drama.

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  • Summary:   Priam Farrel's paintings are famous throughout England but his appearance is unknown to most, even his close relatives. When his servant dies, Priam takes his identity and lets people to think the artist is dead. He was aiming at at simple life away from too much attention from others but that might not be the case.
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Comedy, Drama
  • Directed by:   Arthur Hopkins
His Double Life (1933) His Double Life
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"His Double Life" (1933) Cast:

  • Roland Young - Priam Farrel
  • Lillian Gish - Alice Chalice
  • Montagu Love - Duncan Farrel
  • Lucy Beaumont - Mrs. Leek
  • Lumsden Hare - Oxford
  • Charles Richman - Witt
  • Audrey Ridgewell - Lady Helen
  • Regina DeValet - Mary
  • Oliver Smith - Leek Twin - John
  • Philip Tonge - Leek Twin - Henry


  1. This was a good film and played well. Nice to see the clothes they use to wear and all the props they use in a house setting.

  2. This movie comes as a tasteful manual for famous people who have trouble with their privacy. It also applies to “common” people. And it ridicules the nosy ones among us. Good movie.

  3. Interesting film socially – middle-aged spinster of comfortable means seeks to be married via correspondence through the Matrimonial Times – and charming with it as both Gish and Young are on top form in this delightful old film released in 1933.

  4. How do you start your films? It just keeps running from start to finish

  5. This is an entertaining romantic comedy where a famous painter dreads notoriety. His servant suddenly dies and is mistaken for his famous employer. At first it seems a good idea to hide his identity. He is ejected from his home and goes to an elegant hotel. Upon entering the hotel the servant’s pen pal is waiting to meet her intended for the very first time and she does not know that he is the wrong man. She is to his liking and he continues the deception. Although, their chance meeting appears to be just what he needs, he faces new challenges as he begins turning out paintings. Soon they fall into the hands of those who recognize them to be his style and surfacing after his supposed death. It is humorous, very English and Roland Young is always delightful in any performance.

  6. I truly enjoyed the movie & I love old classics. Roland Young is a good 7 humorous actor

    I recommend this movie to any lover of black & white movies

    do you have the movie dark victory (1976)
    starring Elizabeth Montgomery & Anthony Hopkins?

  7. No, I’m afraid I don’t have that one =)

  8. Great movie. Always love those happy endings.

  9. Loved it the first time I saw it. Love it still.


  10. This movie was a lot of fun.Lillian gish has always been enjoyable to watch and this was no exception thanks!!

  11. I’m so addicted to old black and whites and really just great movies. They really don’t make them like this anymore(basically anything after the 60’s in my opinion! lol) Will you be adding more movies? I’ve watched almost all in Romance/Comedy/Classic/Drama 🙂

  12. only if we all wish together or rub aladin’s lamp will we ever see films of this caliber. They won’t or can’t get the wholesome accountability of them. Thankyou for this site ,To give so many a chance to see role models heros & good honest tales of moral guidence .Make a use of yourself,live according to the golden rule &enjoy.


  13. Christopher Myers

    Roland Young and Lillian Gish; what a perfect pair for this wonderful eighty-seven yer-old masterpiece of cinema. It is timeless; as entertaining today as it was when it was made. Thanks!

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