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Ken “Hell-Fire” Austin is a rodeo rider who keeps getting in trouble with the law… Both him and his friend Bouncer haven’t been…

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Western.

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  • Summary:   Ken "Hell-Fire" Austin is a rodeo rider who keeps getting in trouble with the law... Both him and his friend Bouncer haven't been able to earn much money lately, so when they hear about the $25,000 cross-country sweepstakes, all they need is a fast horse to help them win it! However a horse that fast is not easy to come by... or keep.
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  • Genres:   Action, Adventure, Western
Hell-Fire Austin (1932) Hell-Fire Austin
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"Hell-Fire Austin" (1932) Cast:

  • Ken Maynard - Ken Austin
  • Ivy Merton - Judy Brooks
  • Nat Pendleton - Bouncer O'Brien
  • Alan Roscoe - Mark Edmonds
  • Jack Perrin - Curley
  • Lafe McKee - Uncle Joe Brooks
  • Charles Le Moyne - Sheriff
  • Tarzan - Tarzan

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  1. Christopher Myers

    Excellent. Ken Maynard was a favorite of mine back in the 1950s when his movies ran on television. In the 1940s I was a Tom Mix Ralston Straight-shooter. We would listen to his adventures after school on my Mom’s little Fada radio on top of the refrigerator. Lots of memories. Thanks for running these wonderful old shoot-em-ups!

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