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Janet’s dad, Sam, comes for a long visit to help her deal with her stressful life. Soon Sam realizes that the root of…

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Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance, Western.

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  • Summary:   Janet's dad, Sam, comes for a long visit to help her deal with her stressful life. Soon Sam realizes that the root of the problem is Janet's husbands' biggest client - who also happen to be the most powerful man in town. With no other options, Sam decides to recreate an old Indian rain dance, hoping that the client will be washed away. And guess what... it actually works! The disappearance of someone so important and in such a mysterious way, however, is bound to make plenty of people ask questions and point fingers.
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Action, Comedy, Romance, Western
  • Directed by:   Richard L. Bare
Hurricane at Pilgrim Hill (1950) Hurricane at Pilgrim Hill
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"Hurricane at Pilgrim Hill" (1950) Cast:

  • Clem Bevans - Sam Smedley
  • Cecil Kellaway - Jonathan Huntoon Smith
  • David Bruce - Tom Adams
  • Virginia Grey - Janet Smedley Adams
  • Robert Board - Steve Terhune
  • Syd Saylor - Sheriff Luke Arundle
  • Billy Gray - Johnny
  • Leslie Banning - Debbie Smith
  • Ann Doran - Katie
  • Frank Lackteen - Broken Head
  • Oliver Blake - Running Deer


  1. just loved it! Thanks!

  2. Good wholesome picture with real humor and story line.

  3. The first 20 minutes are hilarious – after that that, “Hurricane at Pilgrim Hill,” is an ill wind.

  4. Hurricane at pilgrim hill was a fantastic movie. Please keep them coming, and thank you!

  5. thank you for the fine old classics you show i truly hope you will be here indefeffenetly thank you

  6. every family has 1, some more . We would be a lot poorer if not for greats & grands to keep us on our toes. I hope you can bring this gem into your current life & carry the message .Hope Help Love & Grow. Bruce

  7. Simply hilarious and very much enjoyable movie!! I Could watch this movie every day and never get tired of it! Loved! Loved! Loved! This movie!

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