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Axel Bomasch is an important scientist who is working on new armor for the Allied forces. When the Nazi invade Prague Axel attempts…

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Genre: Thriller, War.

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  • Summary:   Axel Bomasch is an important scientist who is working on new armor for the Allied forces. When the Nazi invade Prague Axel attempts to flee with his family to England however his daughter is captured. Knowing that his daughter in held hostage because of his work, how is he going to keep the sensitive information he knows away from the enemy and save his daughter's life in the same time?
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Thriller, War
  • Directed by:   Carol Reed
Night Train To Munich (1940) Night Train To Munich
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"Night Train To Munich" (1940) Cast:

  • Margaret Lockwood - Anna Bomasch
  • Rex Harrison - Dickie Randall / Gus Bennett
  • Paul von Henreid - Karl Marsen
  • Basil Radford - Charters
  • Naunton Wayne as Caldicott
  • James Harcourt - Axel Bomasch
  • Felix Aylmer - Dr. John Fredericks
  • Wyndham Goldie - Charles Dryton
  • Roland Culver - Roberts
  • Eliot Makeham - Schwab
  • Raymond Huntley - Kampenfeldt
  • Austin Trevor - Capt. Prada
  • Kenneth Kent - Controller
  • C.V. France - Admiral Hassinger


  1. I don’t mean to be a pest but I’ve tried using the ‘something is not working’ form for technical problems to let the administrator know I’m having trouble starting this movie. It seems the message failed to send. I also tried to contact you through the basic contact form, which also failed to send. Maybe I’m having trouble on my end. I hope you don’t mind my posting here, any help would be appreciated. Thanks for making these fun old movies available.

  2. Hi Devon, no worries. The movie plays fine on my end. Maybe you can try another browser. Firefox and Chrome usually work best. Internet Explorer, not so much. Let me know if this helps!

  3. Excellent print, great sound.
    Thank you for this.

  4. great thank you

  5. I love to watch war movies, especially the action one

  6. Excellent movie.

  7. pic won’t go full screen

  8. love the old b.w films thank you.

  9. If you loved/enjoyed “Lady Vanishes” then you will enjoy this one. V. young Rex Harrison, and v. early ‘true to character and type’, plus same actors from ‘Lady’, and almost seems to be a precursor for that film, however not sure of exact dates. V.V. GOOD.

  10. Michael O'Brien

    Glad to see this one available for downloading. It’s always been one of my favorite wartime spy stories. I have an old VHS copy, but .. you know…

  11. goog movie

  12. This is a turn off the lights film get. Your popcorn get relaxed,and just enjoy thanks as always

  13. Paul Von Henried was very anti Nazi and
    was a refugee himself. He saw playing them as a way of helping the cause, but much preferred(and later got chances to play) anti Nazi’s as in his main claim to film immortality, “Casablanca.”

  14. Great movie, well acted and filmed..

  15. Something about these oldies. Magical. Sure there’s a bit of cornyness, but all modern films have that too. And in these a genuine sense of historical culture comes through, and some wonderful cinematic and thespian touches too.Absolutely lovely. A time machine. Very therapeutic. A touch of immortality. Thank you for sharing hardly does justice.

  16. Very good film

  17. Christopher Myers

    Ah, wonderful movie. Anything with Rex Harrison and Paul Henreid is going go be good and this is no exception. I saw it before, perhaps on TCM, and am very happy that you have it. I was four years old when this movie was made. I very well remember my mom taking grease to the grocery store as it was used in munitions making. “To save tires, Drive under 35.” Then the boys came home, went to Kent State on the G.I. Bill, and lived anywhere anybody had an empty bedroom. We played ball with them in the schoolyard. Ah, memories!

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