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Mark’s Priory is the home of the Lebanon family, a place surrounded by strange circumstances and unfriendly faces. The lady of the house…

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Genre: British, Drama, Mystery.

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  • Summary:   Mark’s Priory is the home of the Lebanon family, a place surrounded by strange circumstances and unfriendly faces. The lady of the house is trying to marry her son to his cousin, Isla. Isla is actually in love with the house architects, Richard. In the same time, the chauffeur Studd is having an affair with the gatekeeper's wife and a doctor named Aversham has a strange influence on Lady Lebanon... When people start turning up strangled with red scarves left on their necks, it seems too many people have secrets which they want to hide and protect.
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   British, Drama, Mystery
  • Directed by:   George King
Case of the Frightened Lady (1940) Case of the Frightened Lady
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"Case of the Frightened Lady" (1940) Cast:

  • Marius Goring - Lord Lebanon
  • Helen Haye - Lady Lebanon
  • Penelope Dudley-Ward - Isla Crane
  • Felix Aylmer - Dr. Amersham
  • George Merritt - Det. Inspector Tanner
  • Ronald Shiner - Sergeant Totty
  • Patrick Barr - Richard Ferraby


  1. Great Mystery. Done in the Basil Rathbone era of ‘old Castle and Family’ style British ‘who done it’ or ‘who’s doing it’ plot. It is an entertaining period piece.

  2. Lillian M. Thunder

    Somewhat interesting and yet not quite what I though it would be, I give it two and one half stars.

  3. I liked this movie but, I wish there would’ve developed more about why things ended up the way it did. A little bit more background story on why the culprit ended up that way. Still enjoyed it though.

  4. Wow, did that old gal rule that old estate with an iron hand! It was one of those movies where people keep dying and suddenly after an hour or so in the last ten minutes we learn why. There were a couple clues about the possibility of family madness but they didn’t register with me. To me the movie was just OK. The centuries old line will not end with me because you are going to marry your cousin! Ah, the old aristocracy was certainly determined.

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