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Michael is a musician who moves to London during the times when the city is terrorized by a serial killer who murders women…

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Genre: Action, Romance, Thriller.

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  • Summary:   Michael is a musician who moves to London during the times when the city is terrorized by a serial killer who murders women at night. The parents of Daisy offer Michael a place to stay and eventually he develops a relationship with Daisy. As the murders continue, the police start to connect them to the suspicious musician...
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Action, Romance, Thriller
  • Directed by:   Maurice Elvey
The Phantom Fiend (The Lodger) (1932) The Phantom Fiend (The Lodger)
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"The Phantom Fiend (The Lodger)" (1932) Cast:

  • Ivor Novello - Michel Angeloff
  • Elizabeth Allan - Daisy Bunting
  • A.W. Baskcomb - George Bunting
  • Barbara Everest - Mrs Bunting
  • Jack Hawkins - Joe Martin
  • Shayle Gardner - Detective Snell
  • Peter Gawthorne - Lord Southcliff
  • Kynaston Reeves - Bob Mitchell
  • Drusilla Wills - Mrs Coles
  • Anthony Holles - Silvano
  • George Merritt - Commissioner


  1. Very good suspenseful movie. Due to it’s age and deterioration
    the sound is scratchy, muffled voice diction and difficult to hear/understand. Had my volume turned on high. The picture quality light / dark was rough to see. But it’s worth a view. For mystery lovers of England of yesteryear, It’s a blast.
    Thanks for saving it, making it available and showing it.
    Great Job,

  2. I just read the other review for this movie. I thought it was perhaps me and my hearing, but this is really awful to try and interpret, as the soundtrack is really bad. I cannot make out, always, what it is they are saying. But, I do love old movies, esp. from other countries, so I’m going to suffer thru…I’m just appreciative of the fact this is available and for free! So THANK YOU for the privelage. But see if you can polish up the sound a bit.

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