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A drama about the fall of a great ventriloquist named Gabbo who can’t seem to keep up with the ever changing face of…

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Genre: Drama, Romance.

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  • Summary:   A drama about the fall of a great ventriloquist named Gabbo who can't seem to keep up with the ever changing face of entertainment and gets left behind. He loves his girlfriend with all his heart but his obsession with the past is posing a serious threat to their relationship. While watching this movie keep in mind that it was meant to be a silent film but ended up being filmed with sound during the early years of sound films.
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Drama, Romance
  • Directed by:   James Cruze
The Great Gabbo (1929) The Great Gabbo
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"The Great Gabbo" (1929) Cast:

  • Erich von Stroheim - The Great Gabbo
  • Betty Compson - Mary
  • Donald Douglas - Frank
  • Marjorie Kane - Babe
  • Marbeth Wright - Dancer
  • John F. Hamilton - Neighbor
  • Harry Ross - Performer
  • George Grandee - Otto


  1. Interesting and touching movie about an aging performer who can express himself only through his ventriloquist dummy. This is a period piece, and because it was made in 1929, some of the modern touches can be unintentionally funny. Check out the dramatic singing of flies (played by dancers) caught in a spider web. Even with the dated parts though, Stoheim’s brilliant performance as a man who cannot express love directly is wonderful. Difficult people are hard to love but Stoheim makes Gabbo recognizable and loveable in spite of his faults.

  2. So much is written about Von Stoheim as a director that his talent as an actor is sometimes overlooked. His portrayal of Norma Desmond’s devoted ex-husband in ‘Sunset Boulevard’ is heartbreaking, just brilliant. I enjoyed him very much in ‘The Great Gabbo.’

  3. Like so many creepy dummies to follow, Otto seems eerily capable of thinking and speaking on his own behalf, but unusually, he’s not evil – it’s Gabbo who’s the monster, an egomaniac who can’t form meaningful relationships or even say a kind word to anyone else unless it’s through his dummy.

  4. Christopher Myers

    Stroheim; truly a brilliant director and actor, a geinius in the field. We Americans are very fortunate to havew access to European films, so many of which undertake subject matter relating to the human condition, with a depth of field less often seen from Hollywood. Thanks, bnw, for having “The Great Gabbo” on your menu. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

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