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Kenneth is an interesting businessman… He gambles with his company’s money, takes other people’s money and only uses them to pay his current…

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Genre: Drama.

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  • Summary:   Kenneth is an interesting businessman... He gambles with his company's money, takes other people's money and only uses them to pay his current losses, cheat on his wife and is refusing to give her divorce. His luck might be coming to an end...
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Drama
  • Directed by:   Frank R. Strayer
Manhattan Tower (1932) Manhattan Tower
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"Manhattan Tower" (1932) Cast:

  • Mary Brian - Mary Harper
  • Irene Rich - Ann Burns
  • James Hall - Jimmy Duncan
  • Hale Hamilton - David Witman
  • Noel Francis - Marge Lyon
  • Nydia Westman - Miss Wood
  • Clay Clement - Kenneth Burns
  • Billy Dooley - Crane Eaton
  • Jed Prouty - Mr. Hoyt
  • Wade Boteler - Mr. Ramsay


  1. Really enjoyed this film Great views on NY 1932
    My birth year !

  2. Wonderful love story set during the depression. I really enjoyed it. It had a ditzy gum chewing party girl, a real no-good stinker, and two kids in love. Who could ask for anything more? 1932. Four years before I came along.

  3. Just a great site,wonderful movie picks and plenty of choices. The plane was flying and hit the tower of one mens greatest buildings.

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