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Behind Green Lights

…go ahead and spend time watching it. cinefan Surprisingly clever plot. The “romantic” ending is unnecessary, but the other twists are well worth the 64 minutes. john d gargen just great. cast and plot enjoyable Gary Fantastic movie 5 our of 5 from me…

The Hoodlum

…Vincent Lubeck just came out of prison and is working at his brother’s gas station. Unfortunately prison has failed to reform Vincent and as soon as he notices the armored truck which regularly passes across the street, his next hit is already in the works….

Robin Hood

…One of the earliest versions of the popular story of Robin Hood, defender of the poor….

The Ghost Walks

…ind of movies i like the old fashion scary but funny ones,keep them coming John Great movie, I really enjoy the black and white mysteries. Hope to see a lot more. frank roberts “The Ghost Walks” was not meant to be taken seriously, as the ending shows. Fortunately, it doesn’t require great acting. The movie is pure — pure schlock, that is and, honestly, requires no analysis — so, if you wanna substitute this for a good book, or even a bad book,…

The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

…A disturbing horror movie about a barber who loves slicing his customers much more than just cutting their hair and his assistant who takes pride in his unorthodox ways to dispose of the evidence….


…the eye–many thanks for the listing Jacob I am in love all over again. I remember watching films like this growing up with my mother and it just brings back so many wonderful memories. Classic, later a movie was made about this movie with John Malkovitch and Willem Dafoe as Orlock , its brilliant too , do seek it out…….

Scarlet Street

…are from real emotions. Those old actors could really portray the characters. I just love the old movies. Beth I enjoyed this movie. It had a lot of twists and turns. The end could have been expounded on. The courtroom session was skipped but it was nice. Johnny Watching this film took me back to when the cinema was great entertainment. I’m 86 years young DEBBIE Such a good movie. I wanted to crack Adelle across the puss, what a witch! she was nas…

The Bronze Buckaroo

…based on Alan Le May’s novel, was partly inspired by the exploits of Brit Johnson, a black cowboy whose wife and children were captured by the Comanches in 1865. In the film, John Wayne plays as a Civil War veteran who spends years looking for his niece who has been abducted by Indians. Thanks for posting this historically significant movie. David How do you Download the movie to my desktop? BnWMovies Use the red round download buttons found belo…

The Eye Creatures

…but I don’t. j why is some movies you can down load and others you can not. exmple this movie and the alice in wonderland only able to save it as a HTML file ?? ticketman this o.k. yet -u-need to show all the old monster movies,i mean all of them.p.s. or else yr no better then the rest. the bone The right movie for the times Karen Totally terrible in the way of all the sixties sci-fi, complete with the ever present bongos. Thanks for the fun! And,…

Tess of the Storm Country

…A classic drama made after a highly successful novel. This movie tells the story of Tess, a squatter living on the land of the wealthy Elias Graves. Elias has a beautiful house on top of a hill. Tess and her friends and family are barely surviving by fishing illegally on the bottom of the hill. Elias has sworn to rid his property of the squatters but his son, Frederick, thinks differently about them and especially about Tess….

I Killed Wild Bill Hickok

…The town of Tri City is in need of a cavalry. The new horses that horse dealer Henry Longtree is sending never reach the city due to Indian attacks. It’s as if the Indians somehow know exactly when new horses are being sent……

Guest in the House

…The Proctor family home has a guest, Dr. Proctor’s finance Evelyn. She is a strange woman mostly because of her difficult childhood. At first the rest of the family members and staff feel sorry for her but it doesn’t take long before she shows her true self, creating rumors and causing fights as if trying to ruin the Proctors….

Winds of the Wasteland

…The Pony Express is shut down and several of its former employees are trying to start their own stage coach business. Without many options they end up involved with an infamous business man, Drake, who sells them a part of his stage coach line at a pretty high price. Now it’s up to them to defend their future and hopefully not perish like Drake’s former partners……


…Janvier has dedicated all his efforts into capturing the most wanted thief in Paris, Pepe. Inspector Slimane, on the other hand, meets Pepe from time to time even though secretly he wants to catch him as well. During one of Janvier’s attempts Pepe is introduced to Gaby, an attractive French girl. While Pepe wants to meet here more often, the policemen are trying to use her to get to him… whether she agrees to it or not….

The Girl Was Young (Young and Innocent)

…Robert find the body of Christine Clay but after becomes the main suspect after two witnesses see him running away from the scene. The police doesn’t seem interested in proving his innocence however the young Erica feels otherwise and help him escape the police. By doing so she is considered his accomplice. Will they find the real killer before the police catches on to them?…

Beyond Bengal

…A documentary about wild Asia. Quite picturesque as well as frightening at times. Not for those with a light heart, may not be appropriate for your children….

Bulldog Drummond’s Peril

…The wedding of Bulldog Drummond and Phyllis Clavering is interrupted by the murded of policeman guarding the venue. At the same time a synthetic diamond goes missing and Sir Raymond Blantyre, an honorable and well-known gentleman, leaves the wedding putting himself right on the suspects list. Can Bulldog Drummond solve this mystery and retrieve the diamond?…

The Panther’s Claw

…Everett is arrested while sneaking out of a cemetery in the middle of the night. He defends himself by saying that he wasn’t stealing, but was paying a ransom instead. He show the policemen a ransom note signed by the Black Panther and explains that several other people who work at the opera have gotten similar letters……

Billy the Kid Trapped

…A group of outlaws impersonates Billy the Kid and his gang while robbing a stagecoach. Before Billy realizes what has happened the outlaws make a series of crimes all of which are blamed on Billy and his men. How can Billy catch the real villains when he has to run for his own life?…

Africa Screams

…e 50’s thanks so much… Geoff Wow Hadn’t seen A & B in a long long time. Felt like I was back in the 40’s & 50’s a kid again Thanks Laura Thank you so much for letting me watch some good ole movies. They bring me such a warm feeling and good laughs. Trudy Love this website and black and white movies ! Do you think you will have more British movies in the future….