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Due to an unfortunate event, several travelers take shelter in the house of Dr. Kent. The doctor is currently treating a psychic, Beatrice,…

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Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller.

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  • Summary:   Due to an unfortunate event, several travelers take shelter in the house of Dr. Kent. The doctor is currently treating a psychic, Beatrice, who lost her husband exactly three years ago. Beatrice is in a trance, trying to connect to her dead husband and find out who murdered him. The first sign of supernatural activities is a blood stain that appears on the dining tablecloth. What will follow next?
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Horror, Mystery, Thriller
  • Directed by:   Frank R Strayer
The Ghost Walks (1934) The Ghost Walks
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"The Ghost Walks" (1934) Cast:

  • John Miljan - Prescott Ames
  • June Collyer - Gloria Shaw
  • Richard Carle - Herman Wood
  • Henry Kolker - Dr. Kent
  • Johnny Arthur - Homer Erskine
  • Spencer Charters - Guard
  • Donald Kirke - Terry Shaw
  • Eve Southern - Beatrice
  • Douglas Gerrard - Carroway
  • Wilson Benge - Jarvis
  • Jack Shutta - Head Guard
  • Harry Strang - Guard


  1. Love these kind of Films, Mystery, Crime Solving, Humor
    with a touch of romance that doesn’t over power the movie.

  2. i have watched this movie twice and i really didn’t know any of the actors.and i watch the old black and whites most of the time,but i got a kick out of the old man who i think was a producer and laughed at him.he was funny and his aid who i think i do remember from some of our gang shows,these are the kind of movies i like the old fashion scary but funny ones,keep them coming

  3. Great movie, I really enjoy the black and white mysteries. Hope to see a lot more.

  4. “The Ghost Walks” was not meant to be taken seriously, as the ending shows.
    Fortunately, it doesn’t require great
    acting. The movie is pure — pure schlock, that is and, honestly, requires no analysis — so, if you wanna substitute this for a good book, or even a bad book, you will live thru this to see another day.

  5. I found this movie entertaining, suspense, thriller with a dash of humour. But then I am biased as I just adore old black and white films.

  6. good rainy day movie . loved it.

  7. I love this kind of movies with big old houses, with secret pasages and murder mysteries. I love this movie. Yes Susan E you are right the actor who played the Assisant to the producer was in the Our Gang Shows.He played Darlas dad.

  8. Just watched and enjoyed very much! Have watched and enjoyed several of your movies. Thank you for offering these delightful old black and white films!

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