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Allan takes a trip to a house where his friend Usher lives with his twin sister. Both suffer many illnesses and Allan wants…

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Genre: Horror, Sci-fi.

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  • Summary:   Allan takes a trip to a house where his friend Usher lives with his twin sister. Both suffer many illnesses and Allan wants to cheer them up. Usher explains that the house is haunted. A storm breaks and the two men experience a night full of horror!
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Horror, Sci-fi
  • Directed by:   Jean Epstein
Fall of the House of Usher (1928) Fall of the House of Usher
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"Fall of the House of Usher" (1928) Cast:

  • Herbert Stern
  • Hildegarde Watson
  • Melville Webber


  1. Is the size of the downloadable file 53 MB?! It’s too small for a movie of 20s! If one has a low speed internet, one wouldn’t be able to download even small sized files. Downloads are mostly done by those having fast connections…I really want to have all these movies but some of them seem not to be worth downloading concerning their low qualities…BTW, I downloaded English version Nosferatu. Thanks.

  2. Just found out Nosferatu is not downloaded completely! The link I downloaded was 953 MB. It should have included the whole movie, not only 19 min of it!

  3. Hi Sarah, this movie is a short version because the full one is not available. I’ll definitely add the functionality to download in high quality and will let you know as soon as it’s available.

  4. This looks great , will be taking a look when ever I get some free time and telling me friends too. Just one thing , and I bet you are working on it, the selection of the library is a tad small , good luck and and the best.

    P.S. I ment it when I said it looks great , so please, please don’t play with the look of your website much, it has an old feel, with an easy to navigate layout.

  5. Thank you for the warm words! I’ll be adding more movies this weekend!

  6. i just love the old classics ==chaplin–laurel and hardy thank you so much to let all this happen

  7. how do you download these movies? i would like to d=save some to my drive

  8. Follow the instructions next to the round red download button. It’s half a screen down under the video.

  9. This page would be great as a Roku channel!

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