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A young boy sees a man leaving a dead female body. After the only exit out of town, a bridge, is flooded, the…

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Genre: Mystery, Thriller.

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  • Summary:   A young boy sees a man leaving a dead female body. After the only exit out of town, a bridge, is flooded, the man is forced to seek a boarding house. Unfortunately for him, the house he will spend the night in is the same house where the boy lives. Will the boy recognize the man before he becomes the next victim?
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Mystery, Thriller
  • Directed by:   Lew Landers
Inner Sanctum (1948) Inner Sanctum
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"Inner Sanctum" (1948) Cast:

  • Charles Russell - Harold Dunlap
  • Mary Beth Hughes - Jean Maxwell
  • Dale Belding - Mike Bennett
  • Billy House - McFee
  • Fritz Leiber, Sr. - Doctor Valonius
  • Nana Bryant - Thelma Mitchell
  • Lee Patrick - Ruth Bennett
  • Roscoe Ates - Willy
  • Eddie Parks - Barney
  • Eve Miller - Marie Kembar


  1. Wonderful old film, liked the blond.

  2. “Inner Sanctum” was a childhood friend. This was one of several of their mysteries brought to the screen, and it is a good one – tight and taut – grade B or not.
    And, check the twist-y ending. B movie vets of the era abounded, including the always lovely Mary Beth Hughes. Another mystery is why Charles Russell never became a big star.

  3. Charles Russel was alright. How about “Behind Green Lights” (1946)?

  4. Marilyn Bradford

    very good movie. It had a twist i was not expecting. That is what I like about the old movies.No fire works, crashes and blood. Just action. It was suspenseful and enjoyable.

  5. Sherri Montgomery

    It was an ok film till the very end and it really was a surprise. Excellent ending in my opinion. Glad I watched it all the way through.

  6. Good suspense, liked the different-type ending.

  7. Short but very satisfying,great ending. . .charles russell another fine performance. Keep up the good work. .and again thanks.

  8. good movie.thank you

  9. Christopher Myers

    Great yarn. What a twist! The authors of these pulp fiction thriller books turned into flicks had great imaginations. Chandler, Spillane, MacDonald, and many others. They made for great nights at the movies and there were enough that the theaters would have double features and change movies three times a week. Truly the golden days of Hollywood! Today’s big screen TVs, while not providing the excitement of sitting in a darkened theater with a girl snuggled against you, (think the song “Wake Uo Little Susie), do pretty good justice for watching them.

  10. Obviously a little too much inbreeding in that little town. A psychiatrist’s dream setting for a research paper. Clever story, though. It starts at the beginning and ends at the beginning. I saw it somewhere years ago and glad to have the opportunity to see it again. Thanks, Mr. bnw.

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