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I Love Trouble

Ralph Johnston is doing everything he can to excel in his political career however he keeps receiving troubling information about his wife. He decides to look into this by hiring a detective, Stuart, who would check out her past and find out what she is up to. The detective soon discovers that Mrs Johnson did quite a lot of traveling, and he even finds a person named Buffin who can tell him more about her. Before he gets to share anything Buffin…

Woman on the Run

…After seeing a mobster kill a police witness, Frank Johnson is wanted by the police to testify in court instead of the other person. Frank escapes the police and starts hiding because he’s afraid that the mob will get to him and his family. His wife is determined to find his and gladly accepts the help of a newspaper reported who wants Frank’s exclusive interview. Can the Johnsons get together again without being killed by the mob?…

Texas Terror

John Higgins was a Sheriff who killed his best friend during a shoot out with some outlaws. When he meets his dead friend’s sister, he decides to start a peaceful life with her. They run her ranch together, but when she finds out he shot her brother……

The Wild Ride

Johnny Varron leads a group of street racers hungry for adrenaline and asking for trouble. Some of the drivers begin to worry that things are going out of control however Johnny is set on continuing to organize races and cause chaos without thinking much about the consequences….

Made for Each Other

John is a young and promising lawyer working for the firm of Judge Doolittle. Pun intended? Doolittle plans to make John a partner if he marries his daughter, which sounds like a great plan until John meets Jane on a business trip and marries her on the day after! Even though they really are a lovely couple, their marriage has created many problems for the young couple. Watch Made for Each Other to find out whether love will win after all!…

The Joe Louis Story

…A biography of the life and achievements of heavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis….

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

…The fascinating story of Dr. Jekyll, inventor of a potion that can separate a man’s good and bad parts. The transformation allows a man’s bad part to do what it pleases while the good part stay unaffected. It doesn’t take long before Dr. Jekyll’s double life creates more problems than it solved….

Bulldog Drummond’s Revenge

…Just before an airplane crash, a suitcase equipped with a parachute is thrown off of the plane and is found by Bulldog Drummond and his friends. The contents of the suitcase urge them to untangle the mystery of the plane and the case however dangerous that might be….

Rainbow Valley

John Martin is one of few men with the courage and fighting skills to protect gold movers like George Hale who transport gold to the town of Rainbow Valley. The townsfolk are so impressed with him they decide to hire him for protection while they finish the construction of a new road. There are a handful of people who would rather not see the road completed and John has to stand up against them….

The Desert Trail

…After a rodeo, John is eager to get his prize only to find out that the company doesn’t want to pay him what he has earned. Being unstoppable as he is, he takes what they owe him in his own ways. Later that night the rodeo company clerk is murdered during a robbery and John is the prime suspect……

Two Dollar Bettor

…One day John places a two dollar bet and wins. Even though he never gambled before, the small prize turns into a gripping passion and before he knows it he is deep in debt. “Luckily” for John, he works at a bank and can easily borrow money from the vault… But how easy will it be to return it?…

The Lawless Frontier

…Dusty and his daughter Ruby are the next target of an outlaw named Zanti. Dusty manages to outsmart Zanti however this only buys him time and doesn’t solve the problem. They meet John who also wants to see the end of Zanti’s days and together they decide to seek the help of the sheriff and capture Zanti once and for all….

Beggars in Ermine

John Dawson runs a steel mill which a fierce competitor is trying to acquire. Refusing to sell, John puts a target on his back and soon an accident happens, causing him to lose his legs. His business isn’t doing any better and soon he is on the street. Can he turns things around?…

Dementia 13

John and Louise are a happily married couple. Except for the fact that John’s mother wants all the inheritance she’ll leave to go to a charity in the name of her dead daughter. When John dies from a heart attack in the middle of a lake, his wife’s only chance is to throw him to the bottom of the lake and pretend as if he is still alive in order to get her hands on the inheritance. How will she get a mourning mother to spare the money that is mean…

Call of the Yukon

…yers “There are strange things done in the midnight sun…” This is quite a story. Kudos to everyone involved including the animal trainers. “The northern lights have seen queer sights…”…

Death in the Air

…growing up but I do remember in the late thirties and early forties the mailplanes flying over the house at night guided by beacons. I suppose they were monoplanes….

Five Minutes to Live

…Fred has come up with an amazing plan for a bank robbery. His associate, Cabot, would take the bank manager’s wife hostage until the money leaves the bank safely. Fred is to call Cabot every five minutes or the wife dies……

49th Parallel / The Invaders

…A group of Nazi sailors barely evade being captured by reaching a Canadian shore. Their only hope is to head towards the United States where they can seek refuge in the German embassy. The sailors led by Lieutenants Hirth terrorize the civilians they encounter along the way and soon every soldier and police officer in Canada is looking for them……

Sagebrush Trail

John Brant is an outlaw on the run with Sheriff Parker on his tracks. He barely loses the sheriff by jumping in a lake and hiding underwater. When he comes out he meets Jones, another outlaw who takes him to his gang. Brant appears to be a great fit for their group however soon they start noticing that he may have other plans……

Hell Town

…Dare Rudd and his friend Dink decide to leave town and travel to Dale’s wealthy cousin Tom, hoping to get a piece of his pie. It doesn’t take long for Dare to try to get his hands on Tom’s girlfriend too. Without many options Tom gives Dare the worst job he can offer him – selling his cattle to shady buyers….