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…Professor Higgins is a phonetics scholar who believes that speech is the only thing that separates the upper class from the lower class. And so, he makes a bet that he can teach Eliza, a flower girl, to talk so well that people would mistake her for a princess… in only six months!…

Hell’s House

…Jimmy has chosen a wrong idol to look up to – bootlegger Matt Kelly. When the police raid Matt’s operation, Jimmy ends up taking the blame because he refuses to tell the cops that Matt is running the show. Jimmy gets sent to a correctional facility, a place notorious for its inhumane conditions. It’s a matter of life and death for Jimmy to escape and show the world what is happening there, however Matt isn’t willing to help……

The Painted Desert

…Cash and Jeff are traveling in search of better grazing grounds where they can start their own ranch. Along the way they stop at a watering hole in Arizona’s Painted Desert where they find a baby boy left in a wagon. Cash grabs the baby and leaves while Jeff decides to settle at the watering hole. Years later the boy is all grown up and finally gets a chance to choose his own fate….