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Richard Kennedy is a blind artist who is on his way to the Suba island where a doctor can restore his sight. Before…

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Genre: Adventure, Drama, Romance.

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  • Summary:   Richard Kennedy is a blind artist who is on his way to the Suba island where a doctor can restore his sight. Before reaching Suba Richard finds himself washed up on another island Ila. He is lucky that a native woman is helping him recover, however the local merchants are greedy people who won't move a finger without payment.
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Adventure, Drama, Romance
  • Directed by:   Arthur Greville Collins
Paradise Isle (1937) Paradise Isle
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"Paradise Isle" (1937) Cast:

  • Movita Castaneda - Ida
  • Warren Hull - Kennedy
  • William B. Davidson - Hoener
  • John St. Polis - Coxon
  • George Piltz - Tono
  • Pierre Watkin - Steinmeyer
  • Kenneth Harlan - Johnson
  • Russell Simpson - Baxter


  1. Low budget, but surprisingly good story with authentic island music, Lovely Movita out Lamour’s Lamour. My main reason for watching is Warren Hull. In the late ’40s I was stationed in Nome and he was the only entertainer to visit. He brought his Vox Pop program there, along with starlet Vanessa Brown, who was a Quiz Kid. Again, I can promise you will enjoy, except for a not too good soundtrack near the end. See it.

  2. wonderful I love the music. I always have and I will find my cd with the music that I truly love and play it a lot. Forgot how much I love it. I enjoyed the whole movie and I feel the acting was well done. Thank you for showing it.

  3. Christopher Myers

    I did not find this nearly as true to life as “Bird of Paradise” where the islanders spoke their native tongue and lived by their age-old beliefs and rituals. Here all is Anglicized and choreographed and the plot is thin with the creepy dishonorable white trader doing his best to enrich himself at the expense of the indigenous locals. Sorry, but I must stick with “Bird” as my favorite. Thank you for providing two South Seas flicks for consideration and comparative analysis. Good job!

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