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…Bruce Lane is a lawyer whose new assignment is to serve a summons on Russell Selby, a millionaire with a passion for boat racing. After failing to serve him on land, Lane decides to surprise him on his boat – during a yacht race. Alone with Selby and his crew in the ocean, Lane has to either help them or die with them in these treacherous waters….

Cottage to Let

…Mrs. Barrington’s cottage has become a home away from home for many people during the war. His hospitality is welcomed by all, but housing so many different types of people in the same place will eventually cause issues……

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger – Crash of the Moons

…Rocky Jones, Space Ranger was a sci-fi TV broadcast in 1954. The show was about the space rangers who patrolled the United Worlds of the Solar System. They would set off on missions with little chance for success but always came back victorious. A funny part of the show was that the space rangers would never fire their guns. All fights were fist fights! Watch this tree-part episode from the famous Rocky Jones, Space Ranger show!…