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This movie follows the life of several people who feel they were born with the wrong gender in a society where transvestites aren’t…

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Genre: Drama.
Parental warning: Discusses sexuality.

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  • Summary:   This movie follows the life of several people who feel they were born with the wrong gender in a society where transvestites aren't accepted easily.
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Drama
  • Directed by:   Ed Wood
Glen Or Glenda (1953) Glen Or Glenda
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"Glen Or Glenda" (1953) Cast:

  • Timothy Farrell - Narrator / Dr. Alton
  • Ed Wood - Glen/Glenda
  • Dolores Fuller - Barbara
  • Bela Lugosi - The Scientist
  • Lyle Talbot - Inspector Warren
  • Tommy Haynes - Alan/Anne
  • Charles Crafts - Johnny
  • Connie Brooks - Banker


  1. Well worth watching. Nothing much has changed since 1953!

  2. Wow… I saw the Ed Wood Movie and was made to believe this “Glen or Glenda” film was not only the worst movie ever made, but was a “Freak” exploitation film to boot. But I isn’t !
    (Very interesting at times even)
    It was probably named the worst film only because the subject matter was done in a pretty seriously scientific educational way and that made people uncomfortable at the time. (and even today still.)
    This film (with better editing and without the sex-ploitation elements which at times makes it drag – pun intended) would have been a very good “education” film. I know it has better production values than the SEX-ED films I had to watch at school in the early 1970’s… and way better filming / production techniques than some of the TV shows at the same time (1953) the film came out – like Highway Patrol for example.
    Thanks for showing this Film,
    Maybe i am one of few who really enjoy this movie because I love History, Old Movies and Science – and this has all three of those for me.
    I agree with Leanne – “Well worth watching.”

  3. I haven’t fully understood this movie, but I think it is something necessary. Thank you for the opportunity to see it.

  4. Film kept starting and stopping the entire duration of the film. Thought the film was very well done for the day, and was discreetly discussed. I’ve seen some ugly drag queens, but these took the prise. ? Brings new meaning to the word ugly! Over-all, terrific film, a little sarcastic from the police detective, but then what do you expect from a cop? Bella was his usually great creepy self! Those eyes….? thanks for such a classic!

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