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The Holy Roman Emperor decides to rid Prague of its Jewish population. What he doesn’t know is that a Jewish Rabbi is trying…

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Genre: Horror.

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  • Summary:   The Holy Roman Emperor decides to rid Prague of its Jewish population. What he doesn't know is that a Jewish Rabbi is trying to create a Golem to defend his people...
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Horror
  • Directed by:   Paul Wegener
Der Golem (1920) Der Golem
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"Der Golem" (1920) Cast:

  • Albert Steinrück - Rabbi Loew
  • Paul Wegener - The Golem
  • Lyda Salmonova - Miriam
  • Ernst Deutsch - Famulus
  • Lothar Müthel - Knight Florian
  • Otto Gebühr - Emperor Luhois
  • Hans Stürm - Rabbi Jehuda
  • Max Kronert - The Gatekeeper
  • Greta Schröder - A Lady of the Court
  • Loni Nest - Little Girl
  • Fritz Feld - a jester


  1. great

  2. Interesting to see how movies were made a century ago. This movie seems to be a hidden propaganda film against Jews. 1920 was the beginnings of Weimar Republic which led to Hitler which used things like this to justify their genocide of a race. This film I believe was setting up public opinion to help bring about the moral and intellectual decline of the German people and the sufferings afterward of a nation taken in by their own deception.

  3. liked it see where Frankenstein came from. I call on Golem lots of times

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