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Horace Takes Over (One Thrilling Night)

Horace and Millie get married and about to spend their only night together before Horace joins the army. They’ve chosen a quiet hotel but are unaware that their room is already occupied; by a body hidden under the bed by two criminals! The newlyweds leave the room for several minutes which is just enough time for the criminals to take out the body and leave it in the most convenient place — the trunk of Millie’s car. Just married, having one nigh

My Man Godfrey

…nny and entertaining. sth very interesting was about the voices,especially William Powell’s which was great and calming. rjoette I have always liked William Powell, and I loved him with Carol Lombard. A charming movie that I would keep in my own collection. I will watch it again, and again. seaside sheila Great movie !! Love the romantic 1930’s comedy films. Sadly my kids just don’t get it..they can’t stand anything in black & white..they don’t kn…

Escape By Night

…Josephine is the girlfriend of a gangster who has many enemies. Nick is a new guy in town but when he sees that several mugs are trying to kidnap her, he rushes to her rescue. Thankful that he didn’t lose his girlfriend, the gangster hires Nick to work for him. On their first job together, Nick, Josephine and two mugs end up hiding in a small country town which offers them a new future… Every good thing, however, requires hard work!…

Terror by Night

…Vivian is traveling to Edinburgh with her most valuable possession – the famous Star of Rhodesia diamond. An attempt to steal it was already made while she was in London so now she has detective Sherlock Holmes and his associate Dr. Watson traveling with her to guard the jewel….

Streets of New York

…Jimmy moves to New York to pursue a better future. Guided by the deeds of his hero, Abraham Lincoln, he becomes a law student for which he pays by operating a newsstand. If that isn’t hard enough, Jimmy has to constantly deal with his mischievous friends, street thugs and anything else life could throw at him….

Son of the Navy

…A lonely sailor is traveling to his base in San Pedro. While trying to hitch a ride, he meets a young orphan who is going in the same direction. The sailor suggests that they will have better chances at getting a ride if they pretend to be a father and son. Son of the Navy is a great movie to watch for Christmas!…

Lying Lips

…Elsie is a nightclub singer who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Found at a murder scene, she is arrested and will be charged with murder. A friend of her whom she had been helping has been studying to be a detective but will his skills and knowledge be enough to save her?…

Hoosier Schoolboy

…Shockey Carter is the school’s black sheep, constantly getting into trouble. If this isn’t enough, his father is also involved with a milk strike between the local farmers who want better prices and the store owner who is beating their prices by getting the milk from other towns close by. Mary is the new teacher in town, and her job is to fix everything!…

Romance of the Limberlost

…An orphan girl, Laurie, finds shelter in the Limberlost from her mean aunt, Nora. There she secretly meets her friend Wayne with whom she’s deeply in love. One day Nora receives a lucrative offer from a wealthy gentleman who wants to marry her niece. Unless a miracle happens, Laurie will spend the rest of her life with a person she cannot stand so that her aunt can become rich……

The City of the Dead (Horror Hotel)

…Nan Barlow is a student who has been assigned to research witchcraft history in the town of Whitewood. When she gets there things don’t seem quite normal and by the next day she goes missing. It’s up to her brother Richard and her boyfriend Bill to find her……

House on Haunted Hill

…A mad millionaire, Frederick, and his wife have invited several of their friends to an overnight party at a rented house. Each guest is promised $10,000 if they remain in the house during the entire night. They are yet to learn whether the rumors that the house is inhabited by ghosts are true or not….

Bride for Henry

…Sheila is a very determined woman. When her fiance, Eric, shows up late for their wedding, she decides to ask her lawyer, Henry, to marry her instead, just to teach Eric a lesson! Henry agrees with this arrangement however secretly he wants to win her heart……

Black Dragons

…Six Americans are killed and replaced by Japanese spies whose mission is to compromise the US defense prior to the beginning of WW2. Melcher, who trained the Japanese, is locked down as the High Dragon of Japan wants no witnesses. The US defense is on the verge of sabotage unless someone can expose the impostors….

Dishonored Lady

…Madeleine is a successful editor of a magazine living a life full of stress at work, parties at night and problems with the opposite sex. As advised by her psychiatrist, she decides to starts a new life by moving to a small apartment, quitting her job and re-thinking her priorities. Her new apartment and a handsome neighbor seem like exactly what she always needed but her happiness is clouded by a murder……

Misbehaving Husbands

…Henry Butler is a regular, happily married store owner. But that’s all about to change when he works late one night and comes out of his store carrying a mannequin… in the dark! One doesn’t even need to have wild imagination to come up with at least a couple horrible scenarios just at the sight of the man carrying a blonde woman….

The Panther’s Claw

…Everett is arrested while sneaking out of a cemetery in the middle of the night. He defends himself by saying that he wasn’t stealing, but was paying a ransom instead. He show the policemen a ransom note signed by the Black Panther and explains that several other people who work at the opera have gotten similar letters……

The Wasp Woman

…Dr. Zinthrop is a scientist on the verge of discovering how to make a rejuvenating serum from enzymes extracted from a queen wasp. Janice, owner of a struggling cosmetics company, agrees to fund his research. She also becomes his first human test subject. Everything is going great until the drug’s side effects start to outweigh its benefits……

Fresh from Paris

…Dan Bradley’s new restaurant/theater is opening tonight and the crowd is already coming in. However, right from the start, things aren’t looking good as Dan’s backer turns out to be a poor lunatic who like posing as a backer. With no funds to help his business survive, this night is Dan’s only chance for success!…

Mysterious Mr. Wong

…There is a series of mysterious murders in Chinatown. Police are helpless however a talented and quite irresponsible reporter decides to go after the murderer and bring him to justice. He doesn’t know who he is up against however he does know that the target are the Coins of Confucius… or whoever possesses one of them….

Lady Behave

…A young and irresponsible girl named Clarice goes out to the Mardi Gras celebration and comes home drunk the next morning, announcing that she got married last night. Her sister Paula reminds her that she was already married but Clarice has a hard time understanding the gravity of the situation she is in. It’s up to Paula to come up with a scheme that will get one of Clarice’s marriages annulled before she is given 10 years in prison for bigamy….