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The Girl from Monterrey

…Lita Valdez is fired from the place where she dances and signs, while her brother is coming back from the US after quitting college. Being upset with her boss, Lita gets her brother to start a fight, which surprisingly works out quite well for both of them!…

The Corpse Vanishes

…It’s Alice Wentworth’s wedding day, but instead of getting married she gets poisoned by a mad scientist who wants to transfer her beauty to his old wife. The bride’s disappearance gets the attention of the media but is a journalist the right person to be going after a deranged killer?…

Let’s Get Tough

…The The East Side Kids, disappointed that they can’t join the war, decide to take it out on a store owner they believe is Japanese. Their strike is successful however the store owner is found dead… The kids decide to start their own investigation after discovering that he was actually Chinese, not Japanese….

Million Dollar Kid

…The East Side Kids are fed up with all the mugging going on in their neighborhood, so they decide to do something about it. Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t take long for the police officers to misunderstand their crime-fighting efforts and blame them for the muggings….

Bowery Blitzkrieg

…New York City’s Bowery youth is infamous for the amount of crime they commit. Unlike his peers, Danny Breslin is training to be a boxer, studies economics and strives for success. After another neighborhood fight, police officer Tom Brady’s best bet is to ask Danny to join his side and help him show the other boys that violence is not the answer and that there are more important things in life….

Kid Dynamite

…Mugs McGinnis, leader of the East Side Kids, is about to fight in a boxing match. He gets kidnapped right before the match and one of his friends, Danny, takes his place and wins, putting himself right on top on the list of suspects!…