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T. F. Stockwell works at a bank. He decides to steal the money and valuables form the bank’s safety deposit boxes and then takes off in a plane along with his daughter Doreen. The plane crashes in the jungle. Doreen finds a wounded gorilla and helps it to survive. Years later Ray Gorman, the son of the man who was blamed for the bank robbery, goes out in the jungle, trying to find the fallen plane with the money so he can clear his father’s name….

The Monster Maker

…Dr. Igor Markoff is mad scientist who has created a serum which causes acromegaly, a disease which makes the victim’s limb grow excessively. The doctor, who has also lost his wife, is looking for love and would do just bout anything to get it……

The Contender

…Gary is a truck driver trying to come up with the money for his son’s military school tuition. His only hope is to win a boxing match that has a $500 award. Even though that seems far fetched, Gary actually wins and decides to go full steam into boxing. Watch The Contender to find out how this decision will affect Gary’s and his son’s lives….

Money Madness

…Glenda This movie would be great if the soundtrack wasn’t so wobbly. BellaMia I liked this movie except for the ending. Felt rushed. Erica Good movie and plot. I agree with BellaMia’s comment that the ending felt rushed. joe dina it was and sound not that good Ed Dancer Great classic movie…

Arizona Gunfighter

…Colt’s father is killed. Colt kills the men that killed him and runs off to join the outlaw Wolf and his gang. Eventually Wold decides to turn himself in and gives his old ranch to Colt, who leaves the gang to become a farmer. Wolf’s old gang gets and new leader and start to terrorize the locals once again. Colt realizes that the only way to stop them is to free Wolf and stand up against the gang together with him. Question is, can he do it?…

Billy the Kid in Texas

…Billy travels to Texas town terrorized by a local gang. Billy fights the gang away and becomes the town’s Sheriff. He sets out with his friend Fuzzy to find the gang and return the money they stole. Fuzzy’s brother is a member of the gang and the two law enforcers want to bring him back and clear his name….

Lightning Carson Rides Again

…Bill Carson’s nephew has gotten himself into a lot of trouble. He is on the run after involving himself in a bank robbery. It’s up to Bill to cancel his plans and go rescue his nephew!…

The Mad Monster

…A scientist who has been discredited by his peers decides to prove his superiority by creating a werewolf formula which turns his gardener into a monster….

The Kid Sister

…Being the younger and prettier sister, Joan is ordered to spend the evening in her room instead of joining the party where her older, less attractive, sister is supposed to meet the neighbor’s bachelor. Unwilling to do so, she comes downstairs wearing a disguise. Not only does Joan’s plan fail, she also ends up in quite an interesting situation – sitting in the car of a burglar interested in her mother’s necklace……

Border Caballero

…Tim Ross and Tex Weaver are both working under cover, trying different ways to find out how a gang of bank robbers have been so successful. Tex has joined the gang which has worked well so far, but now the gang has gotten into more trouble than usual……

Ghost Patrol

…Professor Brent creates an ingenious invention which can change the flow of electricity. Unfortunately for him, both him and the invention quickly fall into the wrong hands……

Code of the Cactus

…Blackton and his men are modernizing the cattle business by bringing trucks, machine guns and what not. Old fashioned farmers are having a hard time because of him and they ask the famous Lightning Bill Carson for help. Unfortunately Bill doesn’t feel like getting involved, that is until Blackton swipes a government contract that Bill was planning to get……

Devil Riders

…Tom Farrell starts a stagecoach line to Mesa City. The new line competes with Billy Carson’s pony express. Instead of becoming hostile towards Tom, Billy fights off the first attach on the stagecoach. Tom and Billy become quite friendly until someone starts sabotaging their business……

Crashing Through Danger

…Torchy, Slim and Eddy work a dangerous job. They are electrical line workers, and quite careless ones too. As if that isn’t enough, a beautiful lady, Ann, takes some of their attention away from the power lines; but that’s just the beginning….

Aces and Eights

…Aces and Eights is know as the death hand after the murder of gambler Wild Bill Hickok, who was holding the hand when he was killed. Madigan continue playing in his place but quickly gets involved in another murder and the marshal puts the blame on him. Madigan takes for the border looking for refuge but his gambling problems easily follow him across the border….

The Lady Confesses

…Mary Beth Hughes, about to be married to Hugh Beaumont, receives a visit from his previous wife, who was presumed dead. As the Chinese say, two women under one roof often means trouble……

Roarin’ Lead

…The cattle of Buena Ventura’s ranchers is stolen quite often and the Cattlemen’s Association can no longer pay for the losses. The town’s orphanage also relies on the association for funding and is about to be closed unless someone can raise the money in the next three days. It’s up to the Three Mesquiteers to find the thieves and save the orphanage! But can they do it in time?…

Outlaws of Boulder Pass

…Smoky Hammer is about to inherit a part of his father’s ranch, which some people find quite inconvenient. He is attacked by outlaws and barely survives thanks to the help of the Lonely Rider. Hammer decides to pretend that he died until he is able to figure out who stands behind the outlaws’ attacks….