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The Local Bad Man

…Jim, Skeeter and Horsetail are well know trouble-makers in Rawhide, New Mexico. When the local bank goes broke, the bank manager decides to fake a train robbery, frame Jim and his friends for it and then ask for a large sum of money from the railroad company with which he could save his bank….

Hard Hombre

…Penn Patton, whom people call Peaceful, is trying to find work at the ranch of the beautiful Isabella. She’s having trouble with cattle thieves and it’s up to him to retrieve the stolen cattle – if he wants the job. Taught to be a gentleman all his life, how will Patton deal with the thieves now?…

Clearing the Range

…Bank president Jim is murdered and no one is looking for the killer. Or at least that is what people think… His brother Curt is secretly dressing up as Mexican hero “El Capitan” trying to bring justice for his brother and all other victims of the villain….

Behind Green Lights

…An intriguing mystery about a detective, Bard, whose car rolls right outside the police station with his dead body inside. Convenient, isn’t it? Before he died Bard tried to blackmail Janet for $20,000. Does that make her his killer or was his death part of a much larger political plot?…

Fighting Caravans

…Felice wants to travel west to California. Bill and Jim trick her into thinking that she can only join the wagon train if she is together with a man. They propose that she helps them free their friend Clint from jail and in return he would travel with her to California. On the way they approach dangerous Indian grounds and Clint offers to lead the wagon train through. Was Felice lucky to join the caravan or was this whole trip a really bad idea?…