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The Lady Confesses

…Mary Beth Hughes, about to be married to Hugh Beaumont, receives a visit from his previous wife, who was presumed dead. As the Chinese say, two women under one roof often means trouble……

The Outlaw

…An intriguing story which revolves around a stolen horse found in the possession of Billy the Kid. Inevitably Billy and the owner of the horse, Doc Holliday, are forced to join forces against hostile Indian, dishonest law officers and anything else which fate might throw at them….

The Great Flamarion

…The Great Flamarion is an amazing marksman who has a popular show during which he shoots at his beautiful assistant Connie. She is married to Al, the Flamarion’s other assistant, however she seems be feeling something more than simple appreciation for the great shooter. Can the two of them ever be together, or will the drunken assistant continue to keep them apart?…