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Cottage to Let

…Mrs. Barrington’s cottage has become a home away from home for many people during the war. His hospitality is welcomed by all, but housing so many different types of people in the same place will eventually cause issues……

The Man From Utah

…A brave cowboy known as John Weston is under cover, investigating a gang of criminals in Dalton. He decides the best way to learn more about the gang is to enter their rodeo and try to beat their best cowboy… now that will certainly make them mad!…

Man with Two Lives

…Phillip and Louise are engaged and deeply in love. When Phillip dies in a car accident while returning home, Louise asks Dr. Clark to reanimate her husband-to-be in the same way he had resurrected dead animals. At first it seems that the doctor has succeeded, however for some reason Phillip is not acting like himself……

Rainbow Valley

…John Martin is one of few men with the courage and fighting skills to protect gold movers like George Hale who transport gold to the town of Rainbow Valley. The townsfolk are so impressed with him they decide to hire him for protection while they finish the construction of a new road. There are a handful of people who would rather not see the road completed and John has to stand up against them….

The Great Saint Louis Bank Robbery

George Fowler’s days as a college football star are long over and he’s looking for alternative sources of income… namely robbing a bank. What’s even worse is that he has had a relationship with the sister of one of his partners in crime….

Danger Lights

…A railroad is being cleared after a landslide however the cleanup group, led by Dan, is a little shorthanded. Dan decides to hire a few hobos to help them out. One of the hobos is a former railroad engineer, Larry. Dan helps him to get a job at the railroad company and in return Larry falls in love with Dan’s fiance… Not a fair trade……

49th Parallel / The Invaders

…A group of Nazi sailors barely evade being captured by reaching a Canadian shore. Their only hope is to head towards the United States where they can seek refuge in the German embassy. The sailors led by Lieutenants Hirth terrorize the civilians they encounter along the way and soon every soldier and police officer in Canada is looking for them……

Nevada City

…FRANCISCO MATEUS EXCELENTE allen Great movie from the great days gone by Roy Thank you for providing movies I watched as a kid. This is a good one….

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

…The fascinating story of Dr. Jekyll, inventor of a potion that can separate a man’s good and bad parts. The transformation allows a man’s bad part to do what it pleases while the good part stay unaffected. It doesn’t take long before Dr. Jekyll’s double life creates more problems than it solved….

The Green Glove

…Michael is an American sent to Paris to find an old artifact – a jewel encrusted green glove. A young tour guide agrees to help him but there’s something other than helping him she is interested in….

Blue Steel

…Jake is the sheriff of Yucca City. He’s after the Polka Dot Bandit who has been committing crimes throughout town. while Jake is sleeping at a hotel, the hotel gets robbed by the Bandit. A man named John is suspiciously looking around the crime-scene and Sheriff Jake takes this as a clue and starts following him to find out why he was so very interested in the robbery……

The Long Shot

…Lew Ralston wants to marry Martha but his methods are rather unorthodox. His plan is to drive her uncle, who happens to be his rival, into bankruptcy and then offer to marry the girl and help save their racing horse stable. Luckily for Martha, Jeff also has a crush on her and will do anything to help her win against Ralson….

Becky Sharp

…This is the first Technicolor movie ever made! It tells the ups and downs in the life of Becky, a girl who is willing to do anything to join the rich British society to which she doesn’t belong. What will it take for her to find what’s more important than money before it’s too late?…

Oliver Twist

…Oliver is a poor orphan who leaves the workhouse that had been feeding him to become the apprentice of an old gentleman. Unfortunately instead of teaching him a trade, the old guy shows him how to steal. During his first theft attempt Oliver is caught but not arrested……

Jamaica Inn

…Mary is looking for her aunt who she think is living with a gang of pirates who are pillaging ships that pass by the Jamaica Inn. As Mary soon finds out, the pirates are no friendly crowd. Now she has to find a way out for both her aunt and herself….

The Devil Diamond

…Detective Jerry Carter is assigned to protect the The Devil Diamond, a stone that’s worth a fortune and is believed to be cursed. Whether it’s a curse or just plain old greed, the diamond has become the target of a gang of thieves, hired by none other than……

Our Town

…Witness the lives of George and Emily who grow up together and get married in the quiet town of Grovers Corners. This movie will touch your heart by showing you how a young family survives life’s happiness and sorrow….

Hands Of A Stranger

…Vernon Paris is a brilliant pianist until one faithful day when he loses his hands in a car accident. The doctor has no other option but to replace his hands with the hands of a corpse. The operation is successful however Vernon is different not only in his looks……

Clearing the Range

…Bank president Jim is murdered and no one is looking for the killer. Or at least that is what people think… His brother Curt is secretly dressing up as Mexican hero “El Capitan” trying to bring justice for his brother and all other victims of the villain….

Fog Island

…Leo Grainer’s wife was murdered and he was framed. He recently came out of prison and lives in his mansion on Fog Island with his daughter. Leo wants to find out who killed his wife so he can clear his name and get revenge. He devises a clever plan to do just that, but will it work?…