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Hell Town

…Dare Rudd and his friend Dink decide to leave town and travel to Dale’s wealthy cousin Tom, hoping to get a piece of his pie. It doesn’t take long for Dare to try to get his hands on Tom’s girlfriend too. Without many options Tom gives Dare the worst job he can offer him – selling his cattle to shady buyers….

Rocky Mountain Mystery

…Larry Sutton is the new chief engineer of a radium mine. Sheriff Murdock is investigating the murder of Larry’s predecessor. The investigation isn’t going anywhere and more dead bodies are found, potentially killed by the same person. Is Larry going to be the next victim or will the sheriff finally figure out who is behind the murders?…

Billy the Kid in Texas

…Billy travels to Texas town terrorized by a local gang. Billy fights the gang away and becomes the town’s Sheriff. He sets out with his friend Fuzzy to find the gang and return the money they stole. Fuzzy’s brother is a member of the gang and the two law enforcers want to bring him back and clear his name….

Africa Screams

…Diana Emerson is desperately looking for the Dark Safari book that contains a map which Diana is willing to pay good money for. When Buzz Johnson hears about this he devises a plan to fake the map in order to get the money. The expedition is being planned and paid for but what will happen when they all realize they have no map?…