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Several students in a boarding school that teaches strict discipline decide they’ve had enough and go rogue against the rulers.

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Genre: Comedy, Drama.

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  • Summary:   Several students in a boarding school that teaches strict discipline decide they've had enough and go rogue against the rulers.
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Comedy, Drama
  • Directed by:   Jean Vigo
Zero for Conduct (1933) Zero for Conduct
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"Zero for Conduct" (1933) Cast:

  • G erard de Bedarieux — Tabard
  • Louis Lefebvre — Caussat
  • Gilbert Pruchon — Colin
  • Coco Golstein — Bruel
  • Jean Daste — Surveillant Huguet
  • Robert le Flon — Surveillant Pete-Sec
  • Du Verron — Surveillant-General Bec-de-Gaz
  • Delphin — Principal du College
  • Leon Larive — Professeur
  • Madame Emile — Mere Haricot
  • Louis de Gonzague — Prefet
  • Raphael Diligent — Pompier


  1. “Zero For Conduct” gets 100 for hilarity. The 20 or so kids romp and tear-ass through school, making the 3 Stooges antics look tame. No censorship here so some scenes might make you nervous. As for ‘moi’ this too short French flick will be viewed over and over again. The teachers are equally wacky. One does a great Charlie Chaplin, another is fond of the one boy who looks feminine. Oh,and the headmaster is a bearded dwarf. If you want out and out craziness, definitely check out this nutty thing.

  2. This film is a truly enjoyable gem. From the first scene of the two boys on the train teasing each other, to the finale of tying up the housemaster, the ‘religious’ procession and the leapfrogging on the roofs the tone is spontaneous, playful and sweet. It is an innocent and light re-telling of experience. With all respect to Truffaut and later filmmakers, there is none of the dark somber restraint of his ‘400 Blows’, nor the maniacal menacing of the British film ‘If’. In its way it is a superior depiction of the travails of childhood ‘in essence’ without emphasizing the meanness inherent in vindication and retribution. It is a pity that ‘film’ had to ‘grow up’ and lose that sweet innocence.

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