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Cornelia and Irene Bullock are two rich sisters who have to find a “forgotten man” as art of a scavenger hunt. They find…

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Genre: Comedy, Romance.

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  • Summary:   Cornelia and Irene Bullock are two rich sisters who have to find a "forgotten man" as art of a scavenger hunt. They find Godfrey, a well educated bum, and offer him $5 if he agrees to be their find. While Cornelia and Godfrey don't get along at all, Irene likes him and offers him a job as their butler. Watch the movie to find out how a well spoken man like Godfrey ended up living at the garbage dump!
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Comedy, Romance
  • Directed by:   Gregory La Cava
My Man Godfrey (1936) My Man Godfrey
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"My Man Godfrey" (1936) Cast:

  • William Powell - Godfrey Park
  • Carole Lombard - Irene Bullock
  • Alice Brady - Angelica Bullock
  • Gail Patrick - Cornelia Bullock
  • Eugene Pallette - Alexander Bullock
  • Jean Dixon - Molly
  • Alan Mowbray - Tommy Gray
  • Mischa Auer - Carlo


  1. Wow. How come they can’t make movies like this anymore? The great lines, the wonderful characters. A feel good movie that still stands the test of time. Glad it was posted on here. Very glad. cheers!!!

  2. Eric,
    I’m glad you liked the movie! I was talking to a friend of mine on the same subject yesterday! Either the movie makers aren’t using their brains anymore or the audience largely consists of people who don’t value anything other than the effects, so nothing else sells. I don’t like either explanation but I have to admit movies have been getting worse and worse every year. I haven’t found myself saying “WOW” in the end of a movie for a lot of time now.

  3. love this movie… can watch over and over again!! you need to add more william powell movies…like the “thin man” movies.

  4. Loved this movie!!! Why can’t they make movies like that anymore?

  5. I love black adn whites it reminds me of the days with my granny sitting on the couch and eating olives and drinking coke watching her movies her fav. was the last time I saw paris I am so glad I found this site reminds me of the time I was happiest

  6. The Directors,producers and Audience nowadays suck big time… They don’t value this kinda movies,rather they go for movies containing nuissance action,worthless nudity and hellish everything….. What Pathetic Creatures Man has turned out… Good to see that there’s still people who value these movies….

  7. You are absolutely right! No matter how great the new visual effects become, a great storyline is nowhere to be found. Let alone expecting to uncover some sort of universal truth of life-changing revelation in any of the new movies.


  8. Wow. That lightened my day by 10 fold. Yes movies do seem to be losing that sparkle of proper romantic wit. But what can we do about it. There are still directors making quality films. But the market has opened up so much and technology has led the way for many a film to be made without anything more than bullet holes and special effects.
    Please continue to find and show films like this from an era when certain values were more prevalent. 🙂

  9. My Man Godfrey does not open!

  10. This is a great website and I thank you for it. However,I pointed out previously My Mnan Godfrey will not open and will not download. It should just be removed if this can not be corrected.


  11. Hi Bill! Not sure how I missed your comment. I take all feedback seriously and try to respond ASAP. The movie and download codes have been updated! Feel free to watch the movie or download it!

    Thanks for being persistent!

  12. I don’t think they make movies any more that doesn’t feel the need to take the Lords name in vane. I think it all started when they came up with the ratings gp, r etc. Its so nice to watch movies with such a good moral base.

  13. Old movie lover

    i was a bit skeptical at first about the ‘bum’ thing but i must admit, this is an excellent movie. i thoroughly enjoyed this and the comedic bits were hilarious.

  14. This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. I really wish this site had more screwball comedies like this ;). I also wish that modern movies were any good…

  15. Love this site. I am such a hugeeeeeeeee b&w movie fan. Love the old films of comedy & romance w/o all the violence, graphic sex scenes & profanity. Would love to see some Audrey Hepburn films (Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Roman Holiday), Marlene Dietrich films, Liz Taylor films, Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, etc. Those were the days. Though I wasn’t born in them, I still love this age of innocence & when people had morals & scruples. Thanks for this site. Hope to see some updates in the form of more movies being added.

  16. Just found this site last night 9/3/12 & watched 3 films. Loved Pride & Prejudice with Greer Garson & Laurence Olivier. It was charming, sweet & comical. Then I watched Taming of the Shrew with Mary Pickford. She was quite comical with her bowed lips. I do prefer the version made by Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, but this version wasn’t bad either. I am about to enjoy another day of B&W films, courtesy of your site. My Man Godfrey is next up at the Matinee Screening. LOL

  17. Thank Mia, I’m glad you liked the site! I’ll be adding more movies this weekend!

  18. love this movie. breath of fresh air. never tire of seeing this movie. thank you.

  19. The acting in this movie is superb. You won’t find a story like this now. Black and white are heart felt. Quite a different era. Lost but not forgotten…..

  20. hi. the best site for downloading free movies I’ve ever seen. thank you all. i liked this movie. funny and entertaining. sth very interesting was about the voices,especially William Powell’s which was great and calming.

  21. I have always liked William Powell, and I loved him with Carol Lombard. A charming movie that I would keep in my own collection.
    I will watch it again, and again.

  22. Great movie !! Love the romantic 1930’s comedy films. Sadly my kids just don’t get it..they can’t stand anything in black & white..they don’t know what their missing. William Powell is one of my favorite actors and i could watch his movies all day!!

  23. This is the second time I have seen
    My Man Godfrey and I have not seen this
    sigt before. Glad to have found this
    movie I adore it. Apprec. You for this movie. 🙂

  24. You’re very welcome =) Glad you’re enjoying the site!

  25. A pleasant escape from the real world. Such fantasies must have had great appeal during The Great Depression.

  26. the depths that a person can let him/her can fall is amazing,but a true friend/com-panion can help that person jumpstart their life again.For the most part the person must have the desire to want to do, plus opportunity presented the right mixture.William Powell,plays godfrey to a tee.

  27. Great to enjoy old movies, thanks. Lovely to have free access. Cheers

  28. I had to stop the film after watching it for 20 minutes, because I cannot stand this spoiled and hysterical women another minute. It is no “feel good movie” at all, as I read in another comment.
    I find it a boring story and the film did not manage to catch my interest at all. And if the story is meant to be ironic, it did not work out. getting on peoples nerves has nothing to do with humor!

  29. The best movie I have EVER seen. They don’t write them like this anymore. I’m very glad I found Your site. I seen this 20 years ago on a VCR tape. Keep up the good work bnw movies. I need more of these well written movies.

  30. Beautiful! Loved this movie – Love your website! Thank you!

  31. Wow, what a treat to watch! I love Powell and this little darling film had my full attention from start to finish. 🙂 I’m about to watch it all over again.

  32. A wonderful film made when the success of a film rested with the story line, script and the actors skills, not CGI. This site is my best internet find this year, a refuge. Thank you

  33. Lombard was a comedy genius and this is a gem of a movie from the golden age. She was also very gorgeous – Gable was punching way above his weight !
    Love this website – great job – thanks.

  34. My man Godfrey is one of my favorite movies, I’ve watched it many times and I think the cast was perfect.

  35. My husband and I LOVED this movie – they don’t make ’em like they used to! Thanks for maintaining this site.

  36. I really did enjoy watching this film.

  37. I like Godfrey. A chap who learned about change of thought changes circumstances. Although at times bitterly. But in that, one grows and often better. Thanks Godfrey.


  38. ClassicMovieLover

    Excellent movie! I watched the movie today while it snowed outside, it felt like the good ole days! Fantastic site!

  39. ClassicMovieLover

    I really enjoy this site! Thank you for the wonderful movie selections. I have always enjoyed classic movies from the past and still do! Godfrey is one cool dude! Wonderful movie indeed!

  40. Wonderful movie!

  41. Love this movie.
    This site where I go when I pick my phone up.
    Some days this site and movies are how I make it through some ruff days.
    Thank you very much.

  42. I love this movie. Have watched it dozens of times. Even have my kids falling in love with the classics

  43. I always loved this movie & William Powell. There’s another movie I love with him & Kaye Francis would know it if I saw the name it was a romance. Thank you for this website this is when movies were worth watching.

  44. I thought the film was fantastic. I’m hooked.

  45. I’ve seen this so many times and I always love it.
    Debbie, there is a movie with Powell and Kaye
    Francis called One Way Passage. Might be the
    One you’re thinking of.

  46. Lots to be said about a movie like this.it’s simplicity overshadowing its true story line of fortune and mis fortune touching on so many different emotions that all will be taught a lesson along with it’s viewer.and this viewer thanks you.

  47. Absolutely delightful, many thanks.

  48. Oh wow, Great movie! My mom and grandparents would mention it from time to time, so I thought I’d give a watch. Glad I did. Thanks.

  49. Just delightful, really loved it!

  50. Found this site today. Seeing we love the ‘oldies’ its a gem of a find thank you. just enjoyed our first movie we will be watching more.
    Thanks again


    Wonderful movie. Carole Lombard is a good comedian; and the “butler”, exemplary. So is the rest of the movie. Writing, photography, directing, atmosphere… Surprising ending. I say it is a WONDERFUL MOVIE. Writing from Caracas, Venezuela, Feb. 19/2021

  52. always a joy to see and recall excellant films and actors. missed talent in ’21

  53. do you have random harvest with Ronald Coleman and Greer garson? my moms fav and got me hooked into it as well

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