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Detective Jim Hanvey is asked to investigate an emerald heist however he declines. Ironically, soon the culprits are at his doorstep too, only…

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Genre: Mystery.

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  • Summary:   Detective Jim Hanvey is asked to investigate an emerald heist however he declines. Ironically, soon the culprits are at his doorstep too, only they are asking for protection from the thugs that are now trying to get the emeralds from them!
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Mystery
  • Directed by:   Phil Rosen
Jim Hanvey, Detective (1937) Jim Hanvey, Detective
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"Jim Hanvey, Detective" (1937) Cast:

  • Guy Kibbee - James Woolford Hanvey
  • Tom Brown - Don Terry
  • Lucie Kaye - Joan Frost
  • Catherine Doucet - Adelaide Frost
  • Edward Gargan - O. R.Smith
  • Edward Brophy - Romo
  • Helen Jerome Eddy - Mrs. Tom Ellis
  • Theodore von Eltz - Dunn
  • Kenneth Thomson - W. B. Elwood
  • Howard C. Hickman - Herbert Frost
  • Oscar Apfel - Lambert
  • Wade Boteler - Davis
  • Robert Emmett Keane - Editor
  • Robert Homans - Sheriff Garrett
  • Harry Tyler - Taxi Driver
  • Frank Darien - Pete
  • Charles Williams - Brackett


  1. Glad I can get you guys again. As for “Jim Harvey, Detective – I recommend it highly to anyone that enjoys several good minutes with a combination of mystery and laughs. Kibbee is perfection, and the two leads are delightful, and the handful of familiar character actors add to the joy of this movie.

  2. Awesome who-dunnit.Snowed in today. Fifth movie I’ve watched on you’re website today.Keep um coming. Thanks….

  3. I’m adding new ones several times per week. If you want to see specific actors or directors let me know in the comments! Thanks for visiting BnWMovies.com 😉

  4. I would like to donate as you obviously do a great deal to ensure that these old films are brought back to the public eye. However, as l live in the UK what is the best way to donate?

  5. Hi Derek, the only donation option is the paypal button in the bottom of the “Show Your Support” page. I’m not sure that works in the UK. Either way thank you for your support!

  6. Guy kibbee what a great character actor,and this was a nice little ditty.I smiled throu-out.thanks!

  7. Guy Kibbee makes an interesting detective; a man of the country and matter-of-fact. I really enjoyed the monied, haughty, and rather hysterical mother played so well by Catherine Doucet. and who could forget the two zany hoods. It is a well-written and extremely well cast whodunit with an ending I didn’t suspect. Anyway, thanks for having this flick for our enjoyment.

  8. Christopher Myers

    These are the kind of movies I would again like to see on the big screen. I did not see the 30’s movies when they came out as I was born in 1936, so it is nice to be able to see so many of them now on your site. It is also nice that so many younger people enjoy good entertaining films. Some of them such as “Spiral Staircase” scared the bejeebers out of us and made us fear basements and closets. I remember the terror of “I Walked with a Zombie.” I must stop now and make sure there is nothing lurking behind my couch…

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