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Mary is looking for her aunt who she think is living with a gang of pirates who are pillaging ships that pass by…

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Genre: Adventure.

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  • Summary:   Mary is looking for her aunt who she think is living with a gang of pirates who are pillaging ships that pass by the Jamaica Inn. As Mary soon finds out, the pirates are no friendly crowd. Now she has to find a way out for both her aunt and herself.
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Adventure
  • Directed by:   Alfred Hitchcock
Jamaica Inn (1939) Jamaica Inn
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"Jamaica Inn" (1939) Cast:

  • Charles Laughton – Sir Humphrey Pengallan
  • Leslie Banks – Joss Merlyn
  • Maureen O'Hara – Mary Yellen
  • Robert Newton – James Traherne
  • Marie Ney – Patience Merlyn
  • Horace Hodges – Butler
  • Hay Petrie – Groom
  • Frederick Piper – Agent
  • Herbert Lomas – Tenant
  • Clare Greet – Tenant
  • William Devlin – Tenant
  • Emlyn Williams – Harry the Pedlar
  • Jeanne De Casalis – Sir Humphrey's friend
  • Mabel Terry-Lewis – Lady Beston
  • A. Bromley Davenport – Ringwood
  • George Curzon – Captain Murray
  • Basil Radford – Lord George


  1. Can’t go wrong with a Hitchcock movie .

  2. Another brilliant movie from the late great Alfred Hitchcock.

  3. Classics like this are truly, truly missed It isn’t fair our films have degraded so. Come back Al. We need feel good -with a moral films to reserge. our children are missing what I believe are the 2 main reasons to tell a story be it book or movie. Thanks bn

  4. Christopher Myers

    All I will say is that this is a superb, gripping, timeless, powerful story of an aristocrat who didn’t give a damn about anybody else. There were an awful lot of them well into the twentieth century. Ask the Irish. Thanks for showing it.

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