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Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon

…Sherlock Holmes is under cover, assisting the German Dr. Franz Tobel in order to get to the secret weapon he has invented. The two gentlemen make it to London where Dr. Tobel goes against Holmes’ orders and nearly gets abducted. Before he does, he leaves a coded message for Sherlock. Can Sherlock keep Franz safe before the Germans get to him and what is the purpose of the coded letter?…

Terror by Night

…Vivian is traveling to Edinburgh with her most valuable possession – the famous Star of Rhodesia diamond. An attempt to steal it was already made while she was in London so now she has detective Sherlock Holmes and his associate Dr. Watson traveling with her to guard the jewel….

Sherlock Holmes, Dressed To Kill

…Three music boxes made in Dartmoor Prison are the target of a gang of ruthless criminals. They’ll stop at nothing to get the boxes even though their appearance does not suggest any high value. It’s up to Sherlock Holmes to retrieve the boxes and find out what secrets they hold!…