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Good Morning Boys

…A convict escapes from prison in England and takes refuge in the boarding school where his son is studying. His plan is to get to London in where he would steal the Mona Lisa… They just have to get rid of the Headmaster… or get him to help them!…

Please Murder Me

…Craig Carlson is a lawyer who has taken one too many wrong decisions. Joe, the sergeant who saved his live during the war is asking Craig for help in his divorce, however Craig is the very person who’s having an affair with Joe’s wife!…

One of Our Aircraft Is Missing

…The crew of a British bomber is forced to abandon ship in Dutch air space. They are lucky to find villagers who help them hide from the Nazi until they are ready to start the difficult trip home… While playing soccer with the locals is a lot of fun, it’s soon time for the pilot and his crew to head home and face the dangers waiting for them along the way….