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In Which We Serve

…n the UK. av What can I say tears drama laughter. Fabulous,John mills noel coward an excellent reminder of how we won the war! Rule britannia RAY I PITTY THE NEXT GENERRATION A.Muhammad One of the best films ever made. Written and acted by the great Noel Coward.the film has a great cast. Dale r. A brilliantly woven story with plenty. Of characters you care about and so well acted by all.a must see thanks!!! Dale r. Brilliantly woven story with fin…

The New Wizard of Oz

…Whether you watched the 2013 Wizard of Oz or not, make sure you see this version of the popular tale made about 100 years ago! The title of this film is ironically “The New Wizard of Oz” even though it depicts the original story featuring Dorothy, The Scarecrow and The Lion, unlike the latest edition. The beginning of the movie is not the original one, it was redone in the 60s and is not accurate….

King of the Zombies

…Pilot James McCarthy is flying between Cuba and Puerto Rico, no idea where he is. As soon as he hears a voice on the radio, he lands the plane on the island below. Hearing drums when you come out of a crash-landed plane is never a good sign……

Port of New York

…Toni is on board the SS Florentine, doing her part in a small drug smuggling operation, however something goes wrong and a person is killed while trying to leave the vessel. As soon as she gets to the Port of New York, Toni tries to get her share of the profit so she can start fresh but her boyfriends refuses to give it to her……

Attack! The Battle for New Britain

…A documentary film based on the attacks of The Allies on several Japanese bases during World War II….