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Big Combo

…Lieutenant Leonard Diamond has spent too much time and department funds in his chase to put the mobster Mr. Brown behind bars. What makes matters worse is that Leonard is in love with Mr. Brown’s girlfriend, Susan. Will she help the lieutenant catch he possessive boyfriend or is she playing a game of her own?…

Lost in the Stratosphere

…Dick and Woody are U.S. Army pilots and also close buddies until Dick’s fiancée decides to destroy their friendship, right before the beginning of a dangerous mission in the stratosphere. Watch this comedy to find out whether they’ll save the mission, their friendship… and even their lives!…

The Night Rider

…John Brown is a law officer with a passion for catching criminals no matter what the cost. This time he is trying to catch the infamous night rider, robber of banks and ranches. John has come up with a clever way to trick the thief however it looks like he might get tricked himself before he catches anyone….

Rhythm and Blues Revue

…taken them and made them their own. I loved hearing Sarah Vaughn and Ruth Brown, Count Basie and Lionel Hampton. Thanks for having this film in your archives. daniels Simply adored it, particularly Lionel Hampton’s opening performance, Martha’s song, the comedy and everything else. Reran it a couple of times. Wish there were more movies like this. Any thanks bnw. Where I live jazz is relatively unknown and I have had the pleasure of attending jus…

The Private Life of Don Juan

…Don Juan returns to the town of Seville in secret, threatened to be put in jail by his own wife. While he’s in town one of his admirers, Rodrigo, is murdered and his body is mistakenly identified as Don Juan’s. Is he going to take this opportunity to disappear or will he try to set things straight?…

Fall of the House of Usher

…Allan takes a trip to a house where his friend Usher lives with his twin sister. Both suffer many illnesses and Allan wants to cheer them up. Usher explains that the house is haunted. A storm breaks and the two men experience a night full of horror!…

The Panther’s Claw

…Everett is arrested while sneaking out of a cemetery in the middle of the night. He defends himself by saying that he wasn’t stealing, but was paying a ransom instead. He show the policemen a ransom note signed by the Black Panther and explains that several other people who work at the opera have gotten similar letters……

Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm

…Ma and Pa Kettle learn that they’ll soon be grandparents, and it gets better! Their in-laws have decided to pay them a visit without giving them much notice about their arrival. Want to know how the city folks are going to handle life on the farm?…

Ma & Pa Kettle On Vacation

…Ma and Pa Kettle are on vacation in France with the parents of their daughter in law. A sure recipe for disaster and lots of laughter!…

One of Our Aircraft Is Missing

…The crew of a British bomber is forced to abandon ship in Dutch air space. They are lucky to find villagers who help them hide from the Nazi until they are ready to start the difficult trip home… While playing soccer with the locals is a lot of fun, it’s soon time for the pilot and his crew to head home and face the dangers waiting for them along the way….


…Janvier has dedicated all his efforts into capturing the most wanted thief in Paris, Pepe. Inspector Slimane, on the other hand, meets Pepe from time to time even though secretly he wants to catch him as well. During one of Janvier’s attempts Pepe is introduced to Gaby, an attractive French girl. While Pepe wants to meet here more often, the policemen are trying to use her to get to him… whether she agrees to it or not….

West of the Divide

…Ted Hayden has spent years searching for his kidnapped brother and his father’s murderer. One day he stumbles upon a dying outlaw who has a letter about people related to his father’s death. Ted decides to pose as the outlaw so can get find out the truth and hopefully get his brother back….

Oh, Mr. Porter!

William Porter is assigned as the new stationmaster of the railway station at the town of Buggleskelly. The station seems very badly managed and is situated in an isolated location, away from civilization. To make matters worse, Mr. Porter’s staff members tell him all about the ghost that haunts the station and kills stationmasters… Mr. Porter takes his new position seriously and decides to make Buggleskelly a respectable station with its own pla…

The Pay Off

…Brad McKay is a regular reporter looking for trouble and potentially for a story. When the district attorney is found murdered, Brad decides to stand up against organized crime and expose the people who are responsible for his death. Watch The Pay Off for your daily dose of corruption and romance!…

The Contender

…Gary is a truck driver trying to come up with the money for his son’s military school tuition. His only hope is to win a boxing match that has a $500 award. Even though that seems far fetched, Gary actually wins and decides to go full steam into boxing. Watch The Contender to find out how this decision will affect Gary’s and his son’s lives….

Baby Face Morgan

…“Doc” Rogers is a mob boss who decides to reorganize criminals in the US but picks two nincompoops to execute an easy but very important part of the plan. There’s nothing better than a cheerful crime comedy to brighten your day!…

Tombstone Canyon

…Ken Mason is off to Tombstone Canyon to find a man who can tell him more about his lost parents. Unfortunately for Ken, he finds the man murdered by a mysterious phantom who has been terrorizing the people of the canyon. It’s up to Ken to find the phantom who might be holding the key to the mystery behind his parents’ disappearing….

Misbehaving Husbands

…Henry Butler is a regular, happily married store owner. But that’s all about to change when he works late one night and comes out of his store carrying a mannequin… in the dark! One doesn’t even need to have wild imagination to come up with at least a couple horrible scenarios just at the sight of the man carrying a blonde woman….

Oliver Twist

…Oliver is a poor orphan who leaves the workhouse that had been feeding him to become the apprentice of an old gentleman. Unfortunately instead of teaching him a trade, the old guy shows him how to steal. During his first theft attempt Oliver is caught but not arrested……


…Renfield is hired by Count Dracula of Transylvania to arrange the renting of the Carfax Abbey in England. After being drugged up with wine, Renfield is bitten by Dracula and they are soon off on their trip to England. Watch Dracula to find out what horrifying events will occur on the way and later in London….