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Lady Behave

…A young and irresponsible girl named Clarice goes out to the Mardi Gras celebration and comes home drunk the next morning, announcing that she got married last night. Her sister Paula reminds her that she was already married but Clarice has a hard time understanding the gravity of the situation she is in. It’s up to Paula to come up with a scheme that will get one of Clarice’s marriages annulled before she is given 10 years in prison for bigamy….

Too Many Women

…Richard has been looking for a steady full-time job, but when he receives an offer he doesn’t want to accept, he decides it’s best to lie that he has just received a hefty inheritance. Soon the whole town knows that Richard has turned into a wealthy single man – the main ingredient required for a sudden increase in female interest!…

Winds of the Wasteland

…The Pony Express is shut down and several of its former employees are trying to start their own stage coach business. Without many options they end up involved with an infamous business man, Drake, who sells them a part of his stage coach line at a pretty high price. Now it’s up to them to defend their future and hopefully not perish like Drake’s former partners……

The Big Show

…Tom Ford is a cowboy movie star who also happens to owe a lot of money to a gangster named Rico. Tom dies and his double, Gene Autry, is forced to take his place. When Rico comes to collect his money, he figures that if he can’t take them from Gene, the only thing he could do it blackmail Lee Wilson, the mastermind behind the impersonation….

King of the Zombies

…Pilot James McCarthy is flying between Cuba and Puerto Rico, no idea where he is. As soon as he hears a voice on the radio, he lands the plane on the island below. Hearing drums when you come out of a crash-landed plane is never a good sign……

The Great Gabbo

…A drama about the fall of a great ventriloquist named Gabbo who can’t seem to keep up with the ever changing face of entertainment and gets left behind. He loves his girlfriend with all his heart but his obsession with the past is posing a serious threat to their relationship. While watching this movie keep in mind that it was meant to be a silent film but ended up being filmed with sound during the early years of sound films….


…Walter is a successful businessman who lives with his unhappy wife. Never pleased with him, always wanting more, she decides to have her lover, Torrence, kill Walter. Torrence takes on the task however things don’t go as planned……

Waltzes From Vienna

…Schani, Johan Strauss Jr., has fallen in love with the daughter of the town’s baker. While he is playing music for her, the Countess overhears and decides to hire him to write a song for her. Schani’s girlfriend doesn’t approve of him working for the Countess… What will he do?…

Rainbow’s End

…Neil Gibson’s father doesn’t appreciate his success as a rodeo star. When Neil starts working at a competing ranch he can finally show his father what he’s made of….

Miracle on 34th Street

…Kris works as Santa Claus at a department store. Even though this doesn’t seem like the most complicated job, Kris manages to cause quite a lot of trouble for the store manager. The problem is that he took “never break character” to the limit by believing that he actually is the real Santa Claus… Will Kris bring joy to the children in the store or will the town’s mental institution get a new patient?…

The Wasp Woman

…Dr. Zinthrop is a scientist on the verge of discovering how to make a rejuvenating serum from enzymes extracted from a queen wasp. Janice, owner of a struggling cosmetics company, agrees to fund his research. She also becomes his first human test subject. Everything is going great until the drug’s side effects start to outweigh its benefits……

The New Wizard of Oz

…Whether you watched the 2013 Wizard of Oz or not, make sure you see this version of the popular tale made about 100 years ago! The title of this film is ironically “The New Wizard of Oz” even though it depicts the original story featuring Dorothy, The Scarecrow and The Lion, unlike the latest edition. The beginning of the movie is not the original one, it was redone in the 60s and is not accurate….

Misbehaving Husbands

…Henry Butler is a regular, happily married store owner. But that’s all about to change when he works late one night and comes out of his store carrying a mannequin… in the dark! One doesn’t even need to have wild imagination to come up with at least a couple horrible scenarios just at the sight of the man carrying a blonde woman….

Hell Town

…Dare Rudd and his friend Dink decide to leave town and travel to Dale’s wealthy cousin Tom, hoping to get a piece of his pie. It doesn’t take long for Dare to try to get his hands on Tom’s girlfriend too. Without many options Tom gives Dare the worst job he can offer him – selling his cattle to shady buyers….

Curtain at Eight

…Wylie Thornton has a very successful show and is planning to move to New York in search for bigger audiences. Even though he is married, there is hardly a woman on his crew who isn’t falling for him and that creates a lot of tension. During his final show before leaving Wylie is murdered. The list of suspects is long… besides all others it even includes a monkey!…

That Gang Of Mine

…Ben brings his championship horse, Bluenight, to New York but cannot find anyone who wants to train it… until he meets the East Side boys! Enthusiastic about horse racing but lacking experience, the boys and Bluenight are the perfect combination to win the race, or are they?…

The Private Life of Don Juan

…Don Juan returns to the town of Seville in secret, threatened to be put in jail by his own wife. While he’s in town one of his admirers, Rodrigo, is murdered and his body is mistakenly identified as Don Juan’s. Is he going to take this opportunity to disappear or will he try to set things straight?…

Frontier Horizon

…New Hope Valley is a prosperous small community which began its existing right after the end of The Civil War. Everything had been going great for 50 years – until now. The state wants a dam built in place of this small community. Even though each of the citizens will get paid for their land, they decide to unite and fight against the destruction of their town….

Lost in the Stratosphere

…Dick and Woody are U.S. Army pilots and also close buddies until Dick’s fiancée decides to destroy their friendship, right before the beginning of a dangerous mission in the stratosphere. Watch this comedy to find out whether they’ll save the mission, their friendship… and even their lives!…

Bee’s Buzz

…A very entertaining short film! This silly, fast paced movie is bound to make you laugh so hard that you’ll cry!…