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…Real estate agent Hutter wants to sell a house (which stands right next to his own house) to Count Orlok. He visits the Count’s castle in Transylvania to finish the deal, which goes well, but he also finds many disturbing things while in it. Count Orlok becomes interested in Hutter’s wife. See how the story will unfold in this mysterious horror movie, Nosferatu….

Jungle Book

…This will possibly be the only color movie on this website. I love this movie so much that I couldn’t help share it. I hope you enjoy it! Watch the story of a young boy who grows up in a family of wolves who live in the jungle!…

Cottage to Let

…Mrs. Barrington’s cottage has become a home away from home for many people during the war. His hospitality is welcomed by all, but housing so many different types of people in the same place will eventually cause issues……

Great Expectations

…This film won two academy awards and was nominated for three more! Watching it is a must 🙂 It presents the story of an young orphan boy, Pip, who lives with his sister and her husband. Pip often visits a rich lady and a beautiful but cruel girl named Estella. Even though the girl mocks him for his misfortune, he quickly falls in love with her….

The Red Blood of Courage

…A great story about a man’s greed over oil. He poses as someone else to get his land but the real man’s niece is also an owner. When someone starts taking lives and breaking hearts to get what they want, nothing good will happen….

His Double Life

…Priam Farrel’s paintings are famous throughout England but his appearance is unknown to most, even his close relatives. When his servant dies, Priam takes his identity and lets people to think the artist is dead. He was aiming at at simple life away from too much attention from others but that might not be the case….


…Judex wants to get revenge on a banker named Favraux. She is not the only one trying to get the slimy banker to pay back and soon other people’s plans start interfering with hers……