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Made for Each Other

John is a young and promising lawyer working for the firm of Judge Doolittle. Pun intended? Doolittle plans to make John a partner if he marries his daughter, which sounds like a great plan until John meets Jane on a business trip and marries her on the day after! Even though they really are a lovely couple, their marriage has created many problems for the young couple. Watch Made for Each Other to find out whether love will win after all!…


…Janvier has dedicated all his efforts into capturing the most wanted thief in Paris, Pepe. Inspector Slimane, on the other hand, meets Pepe from time to time even though secretly he wants to catch him as well. During one of Janvier’s attempts Pepe is introduced to Gaby, an attractive French girl. While Pepe wants to meet here more often, the policemen are trying to use her to get to him… whether she agrees to it or not….

Of Human Bondage

…Philip Carey is a failed artist who has returned from France to start a medical career in London. He meets a girl who works as a waitress, Mildred Rogers, and quickly falls in love with her. Mildred however only responds with deception and betrayal. How far will she go until Philip realizes that he is looking for love in the wrong place?…

Little Lord Fauntleroy

…Lord Fauntleroy and his mom live happily in America until he is requested to come back to England to claim his title as single hair of the Earl of Dorincour. Overall this seems like a great turn of events for Little Lord Fauntleroy until his happiness is interrupted by another claim for his new title….

The Private Life of Henry VIII

…This movie covers Henry VIII’s marriages. After he executes his second wife, Henry marries her maid, who dies during childbirth. He then marries a German princess whom he divorces later on as he doesn’t find her beautiful anymore. His next wife is Lady Katherine Howard, who fells in love with Henry’s courtier. This marriage ends as the two loves are executed. Henry’s last marriage is with Catherine Parr. The movie was a huge commercial success!…