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…Rain is a story about a missionary and his wife, the Davidsons, who a stranded on an island in the Pacific, along with a prostitute named Sadie and a group of Marines who are stationed on the island. While Mr. Davidson hopes to convert Sadie and show her the light of God, the only thing she wants is to party with the marines. Eventually she decides to follow the missionary’s advice but things don’t go as planned and the story takes a turn….

As You Like It

…A story of love and rejection written by none other than William Shakespeare! Duke Frederick banishes his brother, Duke Senior, while letting his daughter, Rosalind, continue to live in his estates. Soon Frederick’s own daughter falls in love and runs away together with Rosalind and a jester on an adventure full of romantic encounters….

Five Minutes to Live

Fred has come up with an amazing plan for a bank robbery. His associate, Cabot, would take the bank manager’s wife hostage until the money leaves the bank safely. Fred is to call Cabot every five minutes or the wife dies……


…An incredible movie about a future when all people are separated into thinkers or workers. The two groups never meet or interact… until one person dares to change the rules….

Jamaica Inn

…Mary is looking for her aunt who she think is living with a gang of pirates who are pillaging ships that pass by the Jamaica Inn. As Mary soon finds out, the pirates are no friendly crowd. Now she has to find a way out for both her aunt and herself….

The Night Rider

…John Brown is a law officer with a passion for catching criminals no matter what the cost. This time he is trying to catch the infamous night rider, robber of banks and ranches. John has come up with a clever way to trick the thief however it looks like he might get tricked himself before he catches anyone….

Oh, Mr. Porter!

…eat fun Alpal I have been wanting to see this for years, an absolute classic. Thank you. DALE R: English humor is the best,I enjoyed this from start to finish thanks! pat doherty good clean family fun dont make them like they used to It was good. All action not too much mystery but the characters were cute especially mr. Porter. Christopher Myers Really good stuff from Jolly Olde England. I wonder if some of the actors came from England’s equivale…

The Human Monster

…Fear is taking over the streets of London as dead bodies start emerging from the Thames River. The only clue is a vague connection between one of the bodies and Dr. Orloff’s insurance agency – a shady business which also provides loans to its insurance clients in return for assigning Dr. Orloff as the beneficiary of their life insurance policy….

Martyrs of the Alamo

…This movie follows the events surrounding the Mexican revolution of 1836 when 250 Americans capture the Alamo against 5000 Mexicans! The movie is based on the novel “Martyrs of the Alamo” by Theodosia Harris….

Tess of the Storm Country

…A classic drama made after a highly successful novel. This movie tells the story of Tess, a squatter living on the land of the wealthy Elias Graves. Elias has a beautiful house on top of a hill. Tess and her friends and family are barely surviving by fishing illegally on the bottom of the hill. Elias has sworn to rid his property of the squatters but his son, Frederick, thinks differently about them and especially about Tess….

House on Haunted Hill

…A mad millionaire, Frederick, and his wife have invited several of their friends to an overnight party at a rented house. Each guest is promised $10,000 if they remain in the house during the entire night. They are yet to learn whether the rumors that the house is inhabited by ghosts are true or not….


…Professor Higgins is a phonetics scholar who believes that speech is the only thing that separates the upper class from the lower class. And so, he makes a bet that he can teach Eliza, a flower girl, to talk so well that people would mistake her for a princess… in only six months!…

Hoosier Schoolboy

…Shockey Carter is the school’s black sheep, constantly getting into trouble. If this isn’t enough, his father is also involved with a milk strike between the local farmers who want better prices and the store owner who is beating their prices by getting the milk from other towns close by. Mary is the new teacher in town, and her job is to fix everything!…


…rich gentleman. Will Alice follow her friend’s steps into insanity or will she realize that all she needs has been right next to her the whole time?…

The Amazing Adventure

…Ernest, rich lazy bachelor, makes a bet with his doctor James to see if he can live one year on his own income, without using his parents’ money. If he loses he will pay James a hefty sum! During the year he meets the beautiful Frances and has to either lose the bet or figure out how to support a woman and stay within his means. Which one will it be?…


The classic story appears on your screen again, this time a bit shortened and including the voices of the ghosts instead of their appearance. Scrooge is the definition of stingy and hates Christmas as well as gift giving. His nephew on the other hand is full of excitement but Scrooge won’t sleep until he spoils the holiday for everyone around him. During the night, the Christmas spirit visits Scrooge and tries to show him what Christmas is all ab…

The City of the Dead (Horror Hotel)

…Nan Barlow is a student who has been assigned to research witchcraft history in the town of Whitewood. When she gets there things don’t seem quite normal and by the next day she goes missing. It’s up to her brother Richard and her boyfriend Bill to find her……

Secret Agent

…Gielgud and Carroll are secret agents sent by “R”, head of the British Intelligence, on a secret mission in Switzerland. They have to work with agent Lorre to complete the mission but events don’t always go as planned……


…The story revolves around Maxim de Winter who is an affluent gentleman mourning the death of his wife. His sadness disappears when he meets a young woman working as a paid companion. The two fall in love and hastily get married however soon after the wedding their happiness begins to fade away……

Spellbound (Ghost Story)

…Spellbound is a 1941 British drama that tells the story of a man who’s fiancee dies. The man cannot bear the thought that he will never see her again so he seeks the help of a spiritualist to make contact with her spirit….