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Fit for a King

…Virgil is a reported at the New York Daily Blade sent to follow a wealthy man, Archduke Julio, who is supposed to be the target of an assassin. Even though the Blade doesn’t believe that the assassination threat is real, Julio is nearly killed by a bomb and Virgil get sent on a trip to follow him in Europe. But what sort of activities could a man as rich as Julio possibly do in Europe?…

Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm

…Ma and Pa Kettle learn that they’ll soon be grandparents, and it gets better! Their in-laws have decided to pay them a visit without giving them much notice about their arrival. Want to know how the city folks are going to handle life on the farm?…

Hawk of Powder River

…The ranchers of Powder River have been terrorized by a mysterious outlaw – The Hawk. No one has been able to neither stop nor identify the villain. Deputy U.S. Marshal Eddie Dean and his sidekick Soapy Jones are assigned to go under cover and bring The Hawk to justice….