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The Stranger

…e. what about Night Has A Thousand Eyes 1948 Edward G Robinson Great story Edward G is the best! Shreddie Thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Takes me back to Sunday afternoon BBC 2 when I watched as a child…indoor aerial wafted around till we got a decent picture on our Radio Rentals tv!! Richard great movie. gripping. DALE R. What a great movie,Edward g was as good as always..and what can I say about the geniuses of Orson welled the truth will alway…

Thunder in the City

…c movie. They honestly don’t make them like that anymore. thank you jbdean Edward G. Robinson can do no wrong! Thanks for a fabulous film! judy i loved this movie,ant movie with Edward G. Robinson ,i will look at.AND I GIVE FIVE STARS. Andy I liked this film , Ed G is so cool . DALE R. Well it looks as though everyone ended up getting what they wanted and so goes the saying,all’s well that ends well I to got what I wanted.entertained. thanks Trape…

Breaking the Ice

…Martha is a widow who wants to move closer to widower Henry who lives in Kansas. She doesn’t have the money for the trip but her son Tommy decides to go everything in his power to earn the money!…

Private Snuffy Smith

…Snuffy enjoys drinking his moonshine and not worrying about the civilized world too much, but when money becomes short the best option he sees is joining the army! As soon as he enlists a series of unbelievable events replace all traces of normal army life….

Private Buckaroo

…Harry and Lon are two music performers who join the army. Harry gets drafted while Lon is initially rejected after volunteering but is accepted as soon as he sees a doctor for his issues. Despite his exuberant enthusiasm, Lon soon realizes that the army is no place for a singer… Can he adjust to army life or will the army have to adjust to Lon?…

Hook Line and Sinker

…Wilbur Boswell and Addington Ganzy are two insurance salesmen trying to help Mary Marsh turn her sinking hotel business into a profitable venture. Even though Mary is in love with Wilbur, her mother wants her to marry a shady but wealthy lawyer, John Blackwell. With no experience running a hotel and plenty of people who’d rather see them fail, Wilbur and Addington are soon in deep trouble!…

Peck’s Bad Boy

…Bill Peck wins an award at the annual father son banquet for his composition named “My Father”. However as soon as his aunt and her soon move in to live with the Pecks, Bill suddenly becomes the black sheep of the family……

Things to Come

…t in the hands of the wrong guys, instead of a heaven on earth. Strong stuff. BNWMOVIES LOVER I think Gary might have a screw loose himself… ๐Ÿ˜‰ BUT! Everyone is entitled to an opinion, perhaps just tone down your disapproval a bit – or as I say “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it…” Van Mr Wells was a genius Mr Massey played a e extremely complex character very well Enjoyed the ? Betty Young Just think about the movie and com…

Life at Stake

Edward Shaw is a building contractor who has nothing left from his business other than debt. One day he is approached by a potential new investor who could partner with him. The deal seems too good to be true……

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

…The fascinating story of Dr. Jekyll, inventor of a potion that can separate a man’s good and bad parts. The transformation allows a man’s bad part to do what it pleases while the good part stay unaffected. It doesn’t take long before Dr. Jekyll’s double life creates more problems than it solved….

Clearing the Range

…Bank president Jim is murdered and no one is looking for the killer. Or at least that is what people think… His brother Curt is secretly dressing up as Mexican hero “El Capitan” trying to bring justice for his brother and all other victims of the villain….

Plan 9 from Outer Space

…The action takes place in California. After multiple attempts by the government to cover up alien sightings, the aliens decide to go ahead with plan 9 – resurrecting dead people as zombies in an effort to push the government into acknowledging his people’s existence….

Man with Two Lives

…Phillip and Louise are engaged and deeply in love. When Phillip dies in a car accident while returning home, Louise asks Dr. Clark to reanimate her husband-to-be in the same way he had resurrected dead animals. At first it seems that the doctor has succeeded, however for some reason Phillip is not acting like himself……

Jim Hanvey, Detective

…Detective Jim Hanvey is asked to investigate an emerald heist however he declines. Ironically, soon the culprits are at his doorstep too, only they are asking for protection from the thugs that are now trying to get the emeralds from them!…

Inspector Hornleigh Goes To It

…A hotel porter is murdered and Inspector Hornleigh is on the case! Clues are scarce and the more time passed by the father they are from finding the killer. Their best clue yet? A briefcase is missing from the crime scene….

The Local Bad Man

…Jim, Skeeter and Horsetail are well know trouble-makers in Rawhide, New Mexico. When the local bank goes broke, the bank manager decides to fake a train robbery, frame Jim and his friends for it and then ask for a large sum of money from the railroad company with which he could save his bank….

The Eye Creatures

…A small American town is invaded by hideous aliens. A group of kids try to warn the police of the impending strike but aren’t taken seriously. Can the two still defend itself against the aliens?…

Tombstone Canyon

…Ken Mason is off to Tombstone Canyon to find a man who can tell him more about his lost parents. Unfortunately for Ken, he finds the man murdered by a mysterious phantom who has been terrorizing the people of the canyon. It’s up to Ken to find the phantom who might be holding the key to the mystery behind his parents’ disappearing….

Baby Face Morgan

…“Doc” Rogers is a mob boss who decides to reorganize criminals in the US but picks two nincompoops to execute an easy but very important part of the plan. There’s nothing better than a cheerful crime comedy to brighten your day!…

Angel and the Badman

…Quirt Evans, exhausted from a long ride, collapses right in front of the farm owned by My. Worth and his family. These good folks decide to take the infamous gunman in and to take care of him until he recovers. The peaceful life at the farm will soon be challenged by Quint’s reputation which brings trouble and the affection which Mr. Worth’s daughter seems to have for Quint….