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Martyrs of the Alamo

…This movie follows the events surrounding the Mexican revolution of 1836 when 250 Americans capture the Alamo against 5000 Mexicans! The movie is based on the novel “Martyrs of the Alamo” by Theodosia Harris….

Dixie Jamboree

…Captain Jackson’s Ellabelle ship is one of the last showboats on the Mississippi. Susan, the captain’s daughter is a wonderful singer whose voice takes the ship though joy and perils….

The Man Who Walked Alone

Marion Scott is an honorably discharged soldier, who is hitch-hiking his way to a small town where a friend of his used to live before he was killed in the war. He is picked up by Wilhelmina Hammond, who took her rich fiancee’s car and ran away from him. The police think the car was stolen and takes the two travelers with the intent to put them in jail. They end up being freed but their misfortune continues as they get caught again, this time bre…