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A Yank in Libya

…Mike is an American correspondent in Libya who stumbles upon the Nazi’s plans to start a revolt using the Arab tribes. The Arabs, led by Sheik David want him dead but he escapes with the help of Nancy Brooks, an agent of the British Intelligence. Nancy and Mike are prime targets of the Nazi and the Arab tribes in a foreign country, with little outside help available….

Renfrew of the Royal Mounted

…Sergeant Renfrew is up against a gang of counterfeiters who are shipping fake US dollars from Canada. Luckily for him, their engraver has found an ingenious way to send out a message for help. Now it’s all up to Renfrew!…

Danger Ahead

…The movie starts with Captain Matthews being robbed after selling his shipment from China. The robbers work for a wealthy businessman, Conrad, but they quickly lose the money when a local reporter, Jerry, steals it from them. His plan is to expose Conrad’s secret business using the newspaper but will he stay alive to tell his story?…