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In the “distant” 1970, the second world war has destroyed civilization as we know it. One of the few remaining cities is Everytown,…

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Genre: Adventure, British, Sci-fi.

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  • Summary:   In the "distant" 1970, the second world war has destroyed civilization as we know it. One of the few remaining cities is Everytown, run by The Boss who manages to keep up the peace and health of his people by shooting everyone who is sick or poses a risk to society. Fortunately, a gang of engineers is about to intervene and try to give Everytown a better future.
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Adventure, British, Sci-fi
  • Directed by:   William Cameron Menzies
Things to Come (1936) Things to Come
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"Things to Come" (1936) Cast:

  • Raymond Massey - John Cabal
  • Edward Chapman - Pippa Passworthy
  • Ralph Richardson - The Boss
  • Margaretta Scott - Roxana Black
  • Cedric Hardwicke - Theotocopulos
  • Maurice Braddell - Dr Edward Harding
  • Sophie Stewart - Mrs Cabal
  • Derrick De Marney - Richard Gordon
  • Ann Todd - Mary Gordon
  • Pearl Argyle - Catherine Cabal
  • Kenneth Villiers - Maurice Passworthy


  1. Get the strait jacket out and put HG Wells in it ! , This movie is total Insanity at it’s finest ! Only a psycho could come up with trash like this , even by 1936 standards I would have to say to myself what in the hell was wrong with the people who produced this trash of a movie written by a Insane lunatic ? , Adolph Hitler would of liked this kind of a movie and maybe a few other Nazi’s ! . The masonic freemasons would like it also ! . Nobody in their right mind or spirit would like this movie ! This movie is Only for Insane people ! , It Sucks really bad ! .

  2. I have no respect for HG Wells after seeing this crappy insane movie ! Trash !

  3. Thanks for the info I am so glad that i never watched this movie, just reading the plot summary was enough to see even for it’s time how stupid it was. And I have watched other movies that he was supposed to have made came out a lot better. The time machine was one but it was made in the late 50’s with a great star like Rod Taylor. Boy am i glad that I didn’t watch it. Thanks guys

  4. Sorry but I enjoyed it. After all it’s 1936, not 2036. Enjoy it for what it is.

  5. Oh my God.
    I think that only brazilians were stupid fellows …
    H.G.Wells is the father of SF and a great philosopher. The War of Worlds, Time Machine. The Invisible Man.
    Boys go to study and read.Read so much.
    Then came to bad words abou H.G.Wells.

  6. Robert Harrison

    The first few comments regarding the making of this film were foolish and uncalled for. To appreciate the film one had to be born in the 1930’s as I was. Then it was a terrifying spectacle to watch. Yes one can pick out dozens of faults in the film but Corda and Well’s was trying to tell us something about a future which was to come, and just how true has been their warning.
    Stop thinking with a mind of the present.

  7. Very well said, Robert!

  8. I enjoyed it. Some poignant points of dialogue in this work.
    H.G. was quite a writer…

  9. I saw back in 1960!s when I was in my

    teens. Made me think that during world

    war 1 good thing Britain and Germany did

    not nuclear weapons.

  10. I liked the movie, but not as well as most of H. G. Wells’ other movies. Although considering being made in 1936, I consider it a good movie and worth watching ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. basic human nature,no more. there will allways be small minded men & women. Those who think their ideas all should be worshipped. Movies should open eyes &teach,this does.

  12. I am surprised with the negative comments , I thought this film was relative and visionary for its time , transpose modern aircraft, machinery, clothing, vernacular onto this movie and you can see the modern day struggle we have today with power, greed, money and religious ideology . This surely was a crystal ball movie with a discerning look into the future. This could happen today, tomorrow or next year.

  13. This movie,thou not a great movie ,the effort put into it by all involved for its time I very much appreciated all of that there’s a lot to be said for risk takers,and this is just the beginning of that dialogue thanks for making it available

  14. To understand and accept dictates of futuristic socially prophetic films, is one thing, but the problem here is that commenters,probably through inner fears,are in difficulty accepting the fact that we are living this prophetic nightmare…’The things to come have came’. Thank you, please pass the RF-ID chip

  15. Very stylized but better by some than I expected; lots of very dated stuff but of course; much of the dialog between Jahn Cabal and the Boss is terrific; Richardson as the Boss is very good – not just a 30’s caricature of a mussolini type, although there is some of that. Pretty good roles for some of the women, given the time it was done. The dark bleak footage is a very good setting for a re-enactment of the “dark ages”. And, then, a glorious future that also may come to naught in the hands of the wrong guys, instead of a heaven on earth. Strong stuff.

  16. I think Gary might have a screw loose himself… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    BUT! Everyone is entitled to an opinion, perhaps just tone down your disapproval a bit – or as I say “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it…”

  17. Mr Wells was a genius Mr Massey played a e extremely complex character very well Enjoyed the ?

  18. Just think about the movie and compare with all that has happened thus far since.Some people live in a so called civilized world and others have yet to be discovered. Which world would you rather live in if you could choose? I myself yearn for simpler times. As they were for me.

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