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Tombstone Canyon

…Ken Mason is off to Tombstone Canyon to find a man who can tell him more about his lost parents. Unfortunately for Ken, he finds the man murdered by a mysterious phantom who has been terrorizing the people of the canyon. It’s up to Ken to find the phantom who might be holding the key to the mystery behind his parents’ disappearing….

His Double Life

…Priam Farrel’s paintings are famous throughout England but his appearance is unknown to most, even his close relatives. When his servant dies, Priam takes his identity and lets people to think the artist is dead. He was aiming at at simple life away from too much attention from others but that might not be the case….

Oh Susanna

…Gene Autry is a famous singing cowboy on his way to collect some money. An outlaw decides to get rid of Gene, collect the money for himself and frame Gene for the crimes he has committed. Gene has to reclaim his name with the help of a professor and a traveling actor!…

The Big Show

…s Hi Erin, I wasn’t able to find much. Probably things that you already know… He was born in 1909 in Arizona and I found a picture of him on ebay. A Nerd “Tom Ford” doesn’t die. He is off on a fishing trip after finishing a movie and can’t be found. “Lee Wilson” (William Newells) a movie pubicity man talks Gene Autry into impersonating “Tom Ford” at The Texas Centennial Exposition in Dallas and then the complications begin. LOL. There are some g…

The Man Who Cheated Himself

…stion mark ending. Acting is excellent with Jane Wyatt in an unusual role, Lee J. Cobb, as usual is excellent, as is John Dall. It has to do with brother cops and it is top notch. BellaMia Loved it. Left you with an ambiguous ending, that makes you wonder. A good watch. Cindy A good movie. Watched it two different times. Lee j. Cobb is very true to his character, good actor makes you want him to succeed in the end. tony barham very good movie keep…

Hands Of A Stranger

…Vernon Paris is a brilliant pianist until one faithful day when he loses his hands in a car accident. The doctor has no other option but to replace his hands with the hands of a corpse. The operation is successful however Vernon is different not only in his looks……

Killers from Space

…Dr. Doug P. is carelessly flying in near the site of an A-bomb explosion. A bright red light appears on the ground, the plane takes a drive and crashes. Against all odds, Doug walk back to the military base… uninjured!…

Big Bluff

…Marsha works as the secretary of a young woman named Valerie. Valerie’s doctor calls one day and tells Marsha that Valerie has a terminal illness and has only one year to live. The doctor suggests that Marsha takes her on a vacation to help her relax and forget about work for a while however that turns out more difficult than expected….

The Bronze Buckaroo

…Bob and his men have traveled from Texas to Arizona to help their friend Joe who recently moved there. Joe has been gambling and has nearly agreed to sell his ranch. It’s up to Bob and his men to save the day!…

King Solomon’s Mines

…as first filmed in 1937 with Cedric Hardwicke as Allan Quatermain and Anna Lee as Kathy O’Brien! In case you aren’t familiar with the story, the action takes place in South Africa where many explorers including Anna’s father, Patrick, have spent years searching for the fabled mines of King Solomon. Patrick comes across a map which might lead him to the treasure. Reluctant to risk his daughter’s life he leaves alone. Anne wants to get Allan Qarterm…

Mysterious Mr. Wong

…There is a series of mysterious murders in Chinatown. Police are helpless however a talented and quite irresponsible reporter decides to go after the murderer and bring him to justice. He doesn’t know who he is up against however he does know that the target are the Coins of Confucius… or whoever possesses one of them….

The Desert Trail

…After a rodeo, John is eager to get his prize only to find out that the company doesn’t want to pay him what he has earned. Being unstoppable as he is, he takes what they owe him in his own ways. Later that night the rodeo company clerk is murdered during a robbery and John is the prime suspect……

Sunset Range

…Bonnie is joining her brother Eddie at his new ranch in Arizona. What she doesn’t know is that Eddie has a gambling problem and owes money to a gangster named Grant, who loves nothing more than the opportunity to involve innocent people in his plots….

Beggars in Ermine

…John Dawson runs a steel mill which a fierce competitor is trying to acquire. Refusing to sell, John puts a target on his back and soon an accident happens, causing him to lose his legs. His business isn’t doing any better and soon he is on the street. Can he turns things around?…

The City of the Dead (Horror Hotel)

…Nan Barlow is a student who has been assigned to research witchcraft history in the town of Whitewood. When she gets there things don’t seem quite normal and by the next day she goes missing. It’s up to her brother Richard and her boyfriend Bill to find her……


…Renfield is hired by Count Dracula of Transylvania to arrange the renting of the Carfax Abbey in England. After being drugged up with wine, Renfield is bitten by Dracula and they are soon off on their trip to England. Watch Dracula to find out what horrifying events will occur on the way and later in London….

Hook Line and Sinker

…Wilbur Boswell and Addington Ganzy are two insurance salesmen trying to help Mary Marsh turn her sinking hotel business into a profitable venture. Even though Mary is in love with Wilbur, her mother wants her to marry a shady but wealthy lawyer, John Blackwell. With no experience running a hotel and plenty of people who’d rather see them fail, Wilbur and Addington are soon in deep trouble!…

Angel and the Badman

…Quirt Evans, exhausted from a long ride, collapses right in front of the farm owned by My. Worth and his family. These good folks decide to take the infamous gunman in and to take care of him until he recovers. The peaceful life at the farm will soon be challenged by Quint’s reputation which brings trouble and the affection which Mr. Worth’s daughter seems to have for Quint….

Hell Ship Mutiny

…Captain Jim Knight and his crew are sailing the South Seas. Rescuing island natives from dangerous, greedy criminals, pearl diving and a priceless treasures. Watch Hell Ship Mutiny to see whether captain Knight will survive the storm of challenges that the ship will face in their search for adventure….

Nancy Drew… Reporter

…While looking for a story for a newspaper competition, Nancy decides to investigate and report on a recent murder. The prime suspect is a young lady who doesn’t seem like a killer and insists on her innocence. It’s up to Nancy to uncover the truth!…