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The Joe Louis Story

…A biography of the life and achievements of heavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis….

The Iron Mask

…The twins of King Louis XIII were separated and one was raised in secret since a kingdom cannot have two kings. Secrets usually aren’t long lasting, especially when they involve some kind of sneaky plot by no other than the king’s trusted Cardinal Richelieu. It’s up to the Musketeers to set the record straight!…

The Great Saint Louis Bank Robbery

…George Fowler’s days as a college football star are long over and he’s looking for alternative sources of income… namely robbing a bank. What’s even worse is that he has had a relationship with the sister of one of his partners in crime….

Man with Two Lives

…Phillip and Louise are engaged and deeply in love. When Phillip dies in a car accident while returning home, Louise asks Dr. Clark to reanimate her husband-to-be in the same way he had resurrected dead animals. At first it seems that the doctor has succeeded, however for some reason Phillip is not acting like himself……

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

…Do you know the story of Quasimodo, the deformed bell-ringer of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris? Quasimodo’s master makes him kidnap the beautiful Esmeralda. It doesn’t take long until she’s rescued but soon she is in trouble again and this time Quasimodo gets his chance to prove that he is a good man….

Bulldog Drummond’s Revenge

…Just before an airplane crash, a suitcase equipped with a parachute is thrown off of the plane and is found by Bulldog Drummond and his friends. The contents of the suitcase urge them to untangle the mystery of the plane and the case however dangerous that might be….

Zero for Conduct

…Several students in a boarding school that teaches strict discipline decide they’ve had enough and go rogue against the rulers….

Slaves in Bondage

…A girl is abducted however she cleverly manages to escape and tell the press her story. Her kidnappers are part of a criminal organization which runs a brothel where they keep women as slaves. The police finally decide to take action and several women are rescued. It will take more than a single brothel raid to take down the organization……

Bulldog Drummond in Africa

…Bulldog Drummond and Phyllis Clavering are preparing for their wedding when a very important guests is kidnapped and taken to Africa. The guest is no other than Colonel Neilson, who now has to choose between surrendering top secret military information and being eaten alive by a lion. Can Bulldor Drummond save his guest, country and wedding?…

Robin Hood

…One of the earliest versions of the popular story of Robin Hood, defender of the poor….

That Gang Of Mine

…Ben brings his championship horse, Bluenight, to New York but cannot find anyone who wants to train it… until he meets the East Side boys! Enthusiastic about horse racing but lacking experience, the boys and Bluenight are the perfect combination to win the race, or are they?…

Voodoo Man

…A story about a wicked doctor who desires to bring back his dead wife by taking the life out of young women and turning them into zombies using voodoo rituals and hypnosis. Will the sheriff figure out Dr.Marlowe’s plan before it’s too late?…

Roar of the Press

…Wally and Alice are newlyweds, ready to enjoy the rest of their life together. Wally works as a reporter for the Globe and he tends to put his job on highest priority. This seems like a great thing that will keep the family financially stable however when Wally stumbles upon a corpse outside a building he immediately gets involved in the dangerous case……

Texas, Brooklyn and Heaven

…Eddie dreams of going to New York to become a famous writer. After receiving a small inheritance he decides to leave everything behind and heads toward the big city. On the way he picks up Perry who also dreams of the life that New York can offer her and is hitchhiking to get there. Even though their dreams could be hard to reach, they might have found something more valuable along the way……

The Stranger

…elles absolutely fascinating, Loretta young,I love that woman,thanks for making these movies available,much Appreciated! Sarah Enjoyed this movie so much, can’t beat a great story and great acting,,,, louise This is a great movie , has great actors and a great story line. you will never see this kind of moviesvtoday kay Thank you for this site!!!! Brutus Loved the movie – problem with download convestion — Microsoft does not recognise the format…